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February 13, 2019, 8:14 am
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I’ve been very quiet here, I know, but that fits right in with the fact that since the first week of January, I’ve only had one ride and that one just a dash on my hamster track of the River Loop.

The weather was staying pretty cold for a while. Firmly below freezing even during the daylight hours, which is amazing, given it was winter and all.

Loke continued to have a bit of an up and down thing with his recovery from the hospital visits, but fortunately, nothing that put him back in the hospital. I finally just quit offering him ground deer meat to take his pills and now, it all seems hunky dorey. I guess he’s just gotten allergic to the meats we’ve been giving him since all domestic meat went off the table. Just kibble from here on. Oh, and dried rabbit ears for treats.

About a month after his last visit to the hospital, I took him to our vet clinic for blood tests to check his B vitamin levels. I also had the vet check him for kennel cough because, well, he was coughing and his nose was running like faucet. I read that correct. Kennel cough. *bangs head on desk*

So, he couldn’t go out with the trike thanks to that too.

Not that the trike was calling much. Every time I’d even consider going for a ride, I’d look at the pile of wool and electric socks and just UGH. 40 minutes just to get ready for the ride and to ride what? The River Loop? At a snail’s pace? Actually, a pace that would be easy for snails to beat. Just no. Go out for a walk, takes 3 minutes to get ready and going about the same speed. Not to mention, I could also jump in the car and say, drive to Wiks for a far more interesting walk than another plod on the hamster tracks.

Truly a pity in some ways because some of the days were just A-MAZ-ING. Mother Nature rolled up her sleeves and had every tree across the landscape perfectly flocked with snow and frost, all set against a backdrop of flawless blue skies. Days with not a breath of wind to shake the delicate layers loose from even the smallest of bare twigs.

To have gotten out and ride across the countryside in that would have been breathtaking. Then there was the wool and the socks and Jens insisting I take Loke for a ‘short’ ride which would eat into 3 hours or more of the brief daylight we have at this time of the year…. and no. Just go for a walk.

And walking has been much easier of late. I don’t even dislike it, amazingly enough. All thanks to the gym. I may hate the gym, but for the results I’ve finally been getting the past months, I can push through that hate and keep going. That combined with intermittent fasting (8 hours of the day where I eat – 16 hours I fast), I’ve lost about 11 pounds and feel worlds better.

Most shocking about it, it’s been easy. When I first researched about it, there were the all the articles talking about adjustment periods and such. Feeling hungry in the middle of the night and what-not.

Nope, none of that for me. Even the first couple days. I held off breakfast until 8 am, and had my main meal of the day around 2 pm, and finished off with some salad a bit before 4 pm. Not hungry through the evening and slept the nights through like a baby. Woke the next morning and felt fine. No low blood sugar, no gnawing hunger pangs, no headaches. Felt a bit hungry about 6:30 am, but nothing that even tempted me to throw myself at an early breakfast. I made it to 8 am just fine.

Honestly, it’s been much easier this way than going with my traditional 1400 calorie restriction diet. That one, I had headaches and hunger pangs. Sometimes, my blood sugar would have me shaking and feeling light-headed. All gone.

An even bigger surprise with the fasting, it’s completely derailed my compulsive comfort eating. Decades of struggling with that and now, it’s like it never existed. Just… wonderful and weird.

Does make things like dinner with the family a bit challenging, but I’m willing to be flexible if I need to.

The biggest challenge I think will be if I get back to REALLY riding my trike. I’m not talking plodding around the River Loop for the 10,000th time, or even my old Börje Loop or the like. I’m talking, I wake up to birdsong at 3:30 am and by 4 am, I’m dressed and either pedaling or on the road for fresher roads and staggering home 6 or 8 pm.

Breakfast in that scenario wouldn’t be a problem. Just put my fruit yogurt in one of the travel cups and stop out in the gorgeous countryside to tuck in when 8 am rolls around.

My main meal, that’s where it’s gets tricky. Just pass the entire day snacking on some fruit, nuts, and granola? What about a good solid protein source? A protein bar doesn’t count and not sure I could stomach any of them on the market.

Jens doesn’t much like the idea of me stopping with my camp stove to whip up something resembling a proper meal, but if I’m gonna stay with this fasting thing, then that’s likely what will need to happen. I’ll look at it as touring practice. Hehe.

And I do hope to tour… at sometime. I would love for it to be this year, but as long as Loke’s still in our lives, I’m not sure it will happen. If the past 2 weeks have shown anything to me, it’s how hard it is to escape him to go ride. Really ride, never mind just pedaling off across the Swedish landscape for days with a trailer full of camping gear.

The past two weeks, Jens has been home sick with a brutal cold. I kid you not, other than going to the hated gym, every moment out of this apartment has been to walk the dog, get something for Jens, or get something for the general household. I’m about to start clawing at the walls.

And even just going for a walk with Loke has gotten complicated. The weather did a major jump. In less than 2 days, it went from single digit temps to nearly 40 F. 2+ feet of snow on the ground and what had been packed into hard ice on the roads and paths suddenly turned into miniature canyons where the flush of melt water carved into it. One of my friend posted photos of daffodil shoots and buds that practically exploded out of the ground where the snow and vanished overnight.

It was so pleasant and Loke was being such a huge PITA, that I decided there was no help for it, I had to go for a ride. At least I could skip all but one layer of wool and didn’t need the socks at all. The roads and paths were mostly clear of ice too.

Loke was thrilled as I got dressed and off we went. I had a bit of a pleasant shock when I sat in the trike.

Before Christmas, when I’d ride, I felt kinda… precarious in the trike since making the swap of the seat cover for one that wasn’t coming all to pieces. It was just like I was kinda ‘pushed out’ and not comfortable at all. Of course, even before I swapped the seat cover, I’ve not often felt comfortable in the trike for a couple years or more.

Well, this ride, I just fit better in the trike. I felt comfortable. Nothing was painful. I also felt nicely strong. Admittedly, with Loke along, it wasn’t like I was exerting myself. My heart rate was barely 70 bpm the entire way.

The complication reared its head rather quickly though. I headed down the road to connect with the cycle path. Less than half a mile down the path, Loke was walking uncomfortably. The paving of the path was under a good half inch of gravel, all that the city had laid down for traction on ice and snow which had melted away. It was killing his feet. He can’t wear socks any more. The 3 miles to get him back to the apartment took over 2 hours.

I would have called Jens to come get him sooner, but he was loopy from various medications it wouldn’t have been legal for him to drive.

That just depressed me to no end. It makes me feel even more trapped since Loke can barely even go for a walk on that stuff. We were doing walking speed with the trike as it was. The walks since then have been with a ‘owie’ footed husky unless I just wander up and down the sides of Svartbäcken Street where they keep the cycle way clear of ice and gravel for commuters to go faster.

I’m hoping I can get out for a ride soon. The weather forecast seems to hint that spring is here. No daytime temps below freezing for the next 10 days at least. I truly hope that doesn’t mean we’re going to get another hellish summer like last. I just need something positive for me and my riding to happen. I’m so… trapped.


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