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Yay! Not Hot!
June 8, 2018, 7:22 am
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As promised, the heat broke. Never mind that it’s forecasted to return, but hey! We got a break from it! Even had a patter of rain that did absolutely no good except to raise humidity levels. It was less than 1/16 of an inch. No way it even reached the shallowest grass root. Just kinda made the pavement damp. Yay! (sarcasm).

Meanwhile, forest fires are burning to the east and west of Uppsala. Or maybe the one to the east has been put out. Either way.

Anyhoo, on June 4th, I dashed out for a ride. I mean, it was almost cold! I couldn’t resist! I was practically giggling over it. Loke did his best to be his perky younger self and was definitely interested as I readied to ride. He even sorta pulled for the first 100 yards or so.

What’s wrong with this image? IT’S JUNE 4th! Not October.

My aim was for the storage with the furry one, then back to the apartment before scooting off on a solo dash for the produce market. Loke interested and as perky as he can be under his current circumstances, but also slow and a bit wobbly. So, we took it easy and fairly short. As we came along the path under the trees by the American football field near the swim hall, I happened to look up. I sighed.

Leaves of several trees were yellow and even with a splash of red. Autumn like colors and barely even into June.

Back at the apartment, I tucked Loke where he wouldn’t get into any trouble. Water, toys and even his comfy pillow were all within his reach before I headed out to get watermelon.

Hard to see the gulls flying through.

I took the time to enjoy the weather. I stopped at the river side just beyond the underpass by the police station to take a few photos. Still toying with the camera.

I think I’m finally warming up to some aspects of the new produce market arrangement at Vaksala square. I found a half of a big watermelon that didn’t look overripe. No way was I going to be able to fit it in the fridge. The cherries looked pretty sad, so I didn’t get them. While standing in the register line, I called my lovely mother-in-law to ask if she would like some watermelon! Of course, she said, but she and my father-in-law wouldn’t be home for a couple hours. Fair enough. I could just drop their share of the melon off with the car later.

I dropped my haul of juicy fruit off at home and didn’t have the heart to just leave poor Loke alone again just minutes after walking through the door. So, on went his harness and I took him with me to get the trailer back to storage and rolled back home. Over 3 miles for Loke for the day. Pretty good for the old man of late. I was over 8 miles for the day.

June 5th was glorious! I slept with a window open with the sort of slumber reserved for babies with fully tummies and momma humming lullabies. It was barely 40 F when I woke up and closed the window before creeping out of the room.

Poor Jens. I always close the bedroom door when I get up so as not to disturb him. After that I threw open the kitchen window and the living room balcony door. It was windy so that cold air came howling through the apartment with an impressive cross-breeze. I wanted to dissipate as much of the accumulated heat from the inside of our apartment as I could. Bundled up on the couch under snuggly blankets, I was happy as a clam. Right at 6 am, the bedroom door open and groggy Jens stepped out just as a truly monumental blast of frigid air slammed through the apartment. He gasped and shuddered, eyes wide. It honestly looked like someone had dumped icewater on him. He was suddenly scurrying around to button everything up, hunting for his heavy bathrobe and puffy sheepskin slippers. I couldn’t help myself. I laughed.

Much as I would have loved to, I didn’t ride that day. Too much to do. A bit later, clouds scudded in and it looked as if we were going to get a pour down of rain. It never came. Not in Uppsala any way.

June 6th, a very short ride. I was so sleepy. So very, very sleepy. I keep thinking I sleep well but then a few minutes after I wake up, I can hardly hold my eyes open. I end up staggering around zombie like for the day, clinging to consciousness only through sheer force of will. Jens finally bullied me out the door though, mostly to get Loke a bit of ‘exercise’. I took the camera and we crept along, taking over an hour for 1.8 miles.

That’s it for the rides at the moment. Otherwise, the only other thing going on that might be cycle related is another trip to Norway in the works. This one, I would be chasing down Norway’s famous ‘Stave Churches’. Truly impressive. Even if i don’t ride, I’ll have to share a few images any way.

So, that’s about it for now. Goodness! A blog post under 1k words! Wonders never cease?

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