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The Turkish Pavilion at ‘Old Haga’

Exotic summer houses and other interesting buildings were important features of an English landscape garden. The Turkish Pavilion is only one of architect Fredrik Magnus Piper’s many proposed new buildings to be built in Haga Park. King Gustav III is said to have asked Piper to rework the design several times before giving it his approval. The internal decoration was by artist and designer Louis Masrellez. The pavilion comprises a hexagonal drawing room with a tent-shaped domed roof, plus three rectangular anterooms with entrances from three directions.

The pavilion opened with a “Turkish” birthday party for the king’s brother, Count Karl, on New Year 1788. Exactly a year later, a play by Carl Michael Bellman was performed here by actors from the Royal Dramatic Theater. Gustav III often used the building for meetings and parties, and gathered his closest advisers here to plan war against Russia.

In the winter, Gustav III had a covered walkway set up between the the pavilion and the residence at Gamla Haga. The boarded walkway was glad in spruce twigs with windows to let in light and ceramic stoves for heating.

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