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On Again, Off Again
November 22, 2017, 1:26 pm
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The title pretty much sums up the way things have been for me. I get to feeling just well enough to push out for a ride and issues either get worse once more or friends join them.

My arm is still pretty annoying though better than it was. Today, I seem able to use it as normal without even noticing except for the occasional little twinge every now and again. Yesterday I was about ready to strap it to my side and pretend I didn’t even have a right arm.

Monday was down right bizarre though it appears it was just the climax of what I had no clue was happening. It seemed to coincide perfectly when the abrupt approach of something like winter weather. The temp dropped to sub-freezing for quite a few days and I just couldn’t seem to get warm. Since the stroke, I’ve felt the cold more, so didn’t associate it with anything other than simply being cold. I did notice that my feet seemed swollen. Shoes that typically fit fine were suddenly quite tight.

Turns out those days of shivering and pinching shoes were probably joined with a low grade fever. Without my other usual symptoms of a fever, I didn’t notice or even think to check my temp. Then this last Monday (November 20th), something just hit me like a freight train. I felt so dizzy that everything spun and I felt like I was looking down a long tunnel. So nauseous even the thought of water made me retch. I checked my blood pressure and it was very low. The cold bit in hard. About noon, I finally got the bright idea to check for a fever.

Yep. Had one. It kept going up even after I took something for it. By 2 pm it was over 101 F. By 4 pm, I was starting to consider the hospital as it was edging up over 103 F. I called a medical advice hotline and talked to a nurse. She didn’t seem particularly worried at that moment, but gave me a recipe for salted sugar water to help with dehydration and low blood sugar and told me if it reached 103.5 to get to the hospital.

I’m glad I waited. The next dose of OTC meds I took seemed to turn the trick and it started going back down. By 8 pm, I was feeling well enough to eat toast and no longer felt the cold like I’d been. Next morning, my tummy still felt a bit delicate, but other wise I felt pretty good. Strength was back, my shoes fit like normal. Most telling perhaps was I didn’t feel the cold nearly as much as I’d been doing the past few days. I’d even slept with the balcony door wide open to the snowy evening with nary a shiver one when I’d been chattering my teeth even with the apartment warm and buttoned up. Just weird.

And yep! Snow! We’ve actually it for 3 or 4 days as I write this. I think it came down on Sunday. Or was it Saturday? Sunday night. I remember now because I was all excited at the idea of going for the first snowy ride of this winter. Not a lot of snow, but still enough to make the scenery different. Of course, the fever hitting me even before Jens left for work changed that idea.

It’s been the longest a snow fall has stuck around in ages. I don’t think snow stayed more than 1 or 2 days all last winter. Maybe even the winter before that. This one is working on day 5 though it’s supposed to rain this evening. *sulk*

I have gotten to ride a couple times since my last post, though no snow. Back when it was a bit warmer. We’ve had a few pretty sunny days at least, I even rode during one of them. The low sun all through the day makes for pretty light when there aren’t any clouds. When there are clouds, it’s kinda dreary and dim though.

What else? Oh! Loke’s eye is looking even better still. The lump is less than half as big as it’s been in the years since it swelled up. No indication of infection either. There was much cause for rejoicing. Even Jens has said it was a good thing we decided to hold off on the surgery when it was considered the first time a few months back.

So, that’s all for now. More updates as they seem necessary.

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