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Dragging Through The Last Of 2017
November 9, 2017, 11:16 am
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Sometimes, my years have ‘themes’. Year of wind. Year without a winter. Year of trike problems. Year of broiling hot summer. Thankfully the summer one has been pretty rare the last few years. This year has been ‘The Year of Pain’. Hip and feet almost crippling me in January. Then it was the Lyme disease symptoms for a few months more. Then just struggling with the extra weight and attempting to regain my fitness before my arm decided to become practically useless during which my back joined the fun.

Fortunately, the back was quickly taken care of, but the arm. Now, my left arm is starting to have some issues to.

The arm has actually kept me from cycling for weeks now. The weather took a cold plunge and struggling with layers while my dominant arm can barely manage to lift the tiny TV remote makes dressing for it a herculean task. So… I’ve not ridden much this month.

I did get out for one ride last week. Just a short 3.55 mile jaunt as the temperature did a brief bounce back into the ‘cold Swedish summer’ range. I didn’t feel nearly as breathless and weak as I expected. That might have been due to Loke though. He was surprisingly hyper and even pulled into a run so my effort requirements were a bit lower than usual.

It’s gotten cold again though. Ice and frost. Even a few spates of snow that left less than a 1/16th of an inch, but still, we had flakes swirling through the air! So, back to sighing wistfully at the thought of riding and snarling at my arm.

Oh, and update for Loke’s eye. We had our appointment with the eye specialist on Tuesday (Nov 7th).

I headed out very early given my last experience with taking a morning appointment at Ultuna. Took over an hour and I arrived about 5 minutes late. I did not want a repeat of that. Of course, that mean the 15 minute drive took 20 minutes so I had almost an hour to kill. I took Loke for a 40 minute walk along the river, which he seemed to enjoy.

The waiting room was quite busy. Loke did get to kinda meet a 12 week old chocolate lab puppy. Such a cutie! Poor thing though. Just 12 weeks old and he’d already had hip surgery in his young life. It had been some weeks ago. The only sign of it was a patch of short clipped fur over his left hip. Another couple weeks and it won’t be noticeable.

Very nice woman who had an ‘intern’ vet who was sitting in to get experience in eye-specialization. Loke was his usual, unhappy, but cooperative self. The vet assured me that the lump wasn’t anything ‘dangerous’ from a potential cancer source at least. There were 3 options to deal with it with increasing levels of ‘invasive-ness’.

– Lance it and try to squeeze the congealed lipids out of it like a pimple or abscess.

2 – Schedule a simple surgery to cut the skin open and scoop out as much as possible.

Both of those would leave something behind, which could mean coming back at some point depending on how fast it returned if it did and how long Loke lives.

3 – Cut it all away and hope to be able to rebuild a workable lower eyelid.

That 3rd one has the greatest risk of post surgery problems of course. So, hoping to avoid that one, we decided to go with option 1 for starters. Topical anesthesia, hold Loke’s head, and done with it. There was only a bit of blood and even right away the lump looked a little smaller. She wanted to give him topical and oral antibiotics, but given that Loke already has highly resistant strains of some bacteria, I convinced her to just stick with topical which worked to clear the infection up a couple months ago.

The size has reduced a little more. She warned me that the space left after she got some of the gunk out would fill with blood and that might take a while to be reabsorbed by the body. So, we’ll see. If it gets the size down and takes more than say, 6 months to swell back up (if at all), then I consider it a win and we can repeat again to spare Loke going under for full on surgery. If it does come to that, I think we’ll still go with option 2 first. He’s 12, going on 13. I’d hate to put him through more than is needed if we can manage it in a less invasive fashion. I would feel truly horrible if his last years were spent having to put up with a messed up eyelid that made him uncomfortable for winter of his life.

Recovery has been a snap. He doesn’t seem to have noticed anything. Unless it some relief of the pressure of the skin there. No rubbing or bothering the eye at all. Such a relief!

Oh! And as we were waiting for our number to come up so I could pay, I got to peek at some tiny 18 hour old kittens. They were so tiny and precious!

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