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Loke, Loke, Loke… (sigh)
September 30, 2017, 5:24 am
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Well, the furball is getting some mad skills in freaking me out, especially at the end of rides. September 23rd was the seizure and before a full week could pass from that, we had an incident yesterday (September 29th).

Speaking of the seizure, I called the vet Monday (September 25th) and made an appointment the next day to come talk to one of the vets at our usual clinic about the episode. It was one I’ve never met with before, but she listened, took notes and asked questions. I made sure to mention that Loke has had seizures before, but never this bad. The last made a total of 4 in his 12 years.

She did some neurological testing and said he is responses were absolutely normal. The reason for it could have been any of several. 1) – Loke is epileptic, just not horribly so. 2)- Maybe  his electrolyte levels were low, but no way to test for that after so many days. 3)- Inflammation because of his allergies.

She wasn’t worried. She said the most dangerous thing with seizures is typically frequency and duration. Once every 3-5 years means the first is no problem. When I asked her about duration, she replied 10-20 minutes. To think I’d flipped out over less than 30 seconds. Her recommendation was if it happened again soon, bring Loke in quickly as possible so they could draw blood to check his electrolytes.

I felt better for having talked with her.

I only managed a couple rides through the rest of the week. My hip has been quite annoying. Sleeping wrong is my best guess. So, not wanting to wind up hurting as bad as I did at the beginning of the year, I’ve been taking it easy. Keeping the rides, few and short while working on stretches.

Yesterday turned into a bit of a fiasco post ride though.

A week or two ago, while I was out grocery shopping, Loke managed to open the bedroom door and somehow, got hold of one of the stuffed animals in my old collection. I haven’t added to it in years, but keep some of the nicer and more sentimental critters. It was the reindeer. Fortunately, no damage was done except a little slobber on the plush. When I spotted him with it and gave a sharp ‘Nej!’, Loke looked up at me with a blink of confusion. No guilt. Clearly, he thought it was his toy and couldn’t understand why I was telling him off.

Jens worked from home yesterday (Friday, September 29th) and spent much of the morning doing his, ‘Are you going to ride with Loke? Are you going to ride with Loke?’ thing. Finally, he changed gears and asked, ‘Will you go get me a chicken salad for lunch?’

That I agreed to. Spontaneously, I took Loke with me to stop in at Starbucks. For once, I wasn’t there to get Jens coffee, but to let one of the baristas meet Loke. When I’d bought hot chocolate the day of the seizure, she had wanted to meet him, but they had been too busy for her to come out. So, I was going just so she could say hi.

She was thrilled and was able to escape for a few minutes. Loke was surprisingly friendly with her. Maybe it was because of her all black clothing would adequately display his white hair. Another of the guys there was coming in for his shift, so he got to say hi to Loke as well.

Then it was off to get our lunches. The local pet store sits right near the Subway, so I took Loke from the car to go in with me to get him some more ‘car bribe’ goodies and maybe pick him out a toy. The incident with my reindeer had reminded me that it’s been AGES since Loke’s had one.

It’s always a gamble how long such things will survive. He had a lamb that endured more than 5 years before he randomly shredded it one day. Then it was his adorable wild boar with squeakies in the feet and would grunt like a pig when shaken. That one last a couple years. Oh, so did his monkey. There were a few others that Loke had for 20 minutes or less before their fate was sealed.

Loke showed most interest in a floppy deer thing with a single squeaky in it. I even let him carry it across parking lot, legs dangling from his mouth, making everyone who saw him grin.

By the time we got home though, one of the legs was already separated from its body. I brought the food in, Loke carried his toy. The separated leg, I forgot about as between food bags, leash, and keys, I didn’t have a spare hand to grab a piece of slobber soaked plush.

The toy…

So, he kinda played with his new toy while I ate and waited for food to settle. Then he just got weird. He started pacing around with it in his mouth and whining. After a minute or so, it was clear he was looking for somewhere safe for it, or even to bury it. Anyone seeing him would have thought he was a female dog looking for somewhere to put her dead puppy. It was more than a little creepy.

We finally decided we had to take it away from him. So, I managed to distract him with some kibble scattered under Jens’ desk. As he searched them all out, I grabbed it and stuffed it in a closet under some shoes. A few minutes later, I was standing beside Jens and heard a whine. There was Loke, standing there with it in his mouth again. Our closets don’t latch shut, so he’d managed to open it and find it. It was like a bad penny. I’ve never put anything of Loke’s in there, so it’s not like he knew it as a hiding space. He had actually scented it out. Or had it called to him, whispering in a sinister hiss for him to come reclaim it? It’s cursed! Cursed, I tell you!

Finally, I got dressed to go out with Loke and trike to serve as a distraction while Jens hid it or threw it away. Loke was soooo torn as I put him in the harness and leashed him. It seemed he really wanted to go for a run, but he didn’t want to leave THE TOY. We had a bit of an argument about it, but finally got him out the door while it stayed on the foyer floor.

It was a nippy 53 F, gray, and a bit of an on-again-off-again wind. Loke was eager to go though. Maybe it was more of a ‘lets get this over with so I can get back to the cursed object’. My hip was actually feeling pretty decent. A little tight perhaps, but not painful. My feet also seemed agreeable so, instead of another quick 2-3 mile dash, I headed off for the longer grave mound loop.

Loke had a spring in his step and even wanted to run. He dragged the trike into a 14 mph sprint down one hill. Pretty sure a new speed record for the year. We were both doing so well, I even added a bit more distance by taking the out-n-back toward the garrison.

Colorful 2016 autumn to this one.

As I’ve been riding around since the colors started popping out to herald the coming of autumn, it’s continually struck me how big a difference there is between last year and this. While this year has turned out to be one of the more colorful in say, a decade, it no where comes close to the scope of last year’s. The garrison road offers a stark contrast when the photos are compared. Last year was probably the most gorgeous autumn I’ve seen since moving here.

Though Loke and I both had enough ‘oomph’ to go on, it was coming up past 4 pm as I began the last stretch toward the storage. Lunch was digested and I started feeling like it was time to go home and enter into the ‘what should we have for dinner’ discussion with Jens.

Wise choice it turned out and not because of food. As we rolled along the street with the hawthorn trees gone all yellow and their berries now the color of dried blood, the temperature took a 5 degree plunge in just minutes. I was fine with 53 F as long as I pedalled, but even physical exercise wasn’t enough to counter the shivering that started at 48 F, especially as the wind kicked up.

We finished up with 6.43 miles. Still chipping away at that 500 miles for the year. Yes, I’m still determined that 2017 will not be my worst year of cycling ever. Just second worst.

So, we hopped into the car to come back home. As I backed out of the parking spot, I heard Loke messing with something and remembered the toy’s leg that he’d torn off. I wasn’t concerned though. With all the toys and other objects Loke has shredded over the years, he’s never swallowed anything. Not a squeaky ripped from stuffing guts, not the stuffing. Not little ears or curly tails. Nothing. The only things he has swallowed that he shouldn’t, have been organic. Like putrefying dead rats.

As I pulled into our spot at home and turned the car off, Loke made this weird noise. I twisted in the seat just in time to see the bulbous brown ball of the toy’s foot disappear down my husky’s gullet. I was stunned. I tore around to pry his mouth open, but nope. It was well and truly down.

Oh, don’t give me that innocent look. Brat.

I dragged Loke into the apartment at a dead run. Baffled Jens came out of the living room to ask what was wrong. I told him as swapped from my biking shoes to normal ones and asked if he still had the toy so I could show the vet exactly what Loke had swallowed.

Things moved quick. Emma (the receptionist) listened and then goggled with disbelief when I showed her an example of what Loke had managed to get down. Less than 20 minutes after it had done its disappearing trick, we were in an exam room, waiting for the silly furball to regurgitate it. Honestly, I wasn’t sure he’d be able to get it back up. The lumpy feet looked too big! Of course, I guess what can go down can come back up.

It took about another 20 minutes before it finally reappeared. The vet was quite impressed. I was just relieved. I hadn’t been thrilled at the idea of attempts to pull it out with an endoscope… or worse, surgery.

Loke was somewhat wobbly for about an hour after we got home. After that, he was back to being a pest and sniffing around for the toy. The toy that I threw away before I even left the vet clinic. I’m going to call an exorcist if it reappears…

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