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July 3, 2016, 5:28 am
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It looks like I’ll be calling the vet tomorrow. Or maybe I’ll try to day to book an appointment for tomorrow as they are open on weekends. Either way, Loke’s got a vet visit in his future unless he does an incredible turn around today.

As I mentioned in my last post. He’s been slowing down and shortening his stride as if his shoulders hurt. He also had a couple attempts at jumping into the car that wound up rather bungled. Well, yesterday, even when I had a cookie in hand and one in the car kennel, he wouldn’t jump. I wound up having to grab hold of a soggy husky while wearing decent clothes to plop him in.

Time to get the furball evaluated. Find out if it’s arthritis or injury.

He still has the energy regardless of how slow he moves which makes things a bit challenging for the hubby and I. When he’s had problems with feet or injuries or back when his arthritis first started back in 2012, he’s always displayed it more when moving with the trike and only at the most extreme moments when out for walks. Well, even Jens noticed that Loke was moving a bit off on his long walkie yesterday.

Taking Loke out with the trike is about the only thing that keeps him from harassing Jens into a nervous breakdown. Even if his joints hurt, his stamina, muscles and energy will convince him that he should have more, more, more. Yes, life could get quite complicated and frustrating with our fuzzball. I have issues walking and he might be developing issues triking.

Fingers crossed it turns around soon.

Helinox Chair One

Helinox Chair One

Oh! Have a new goodie for WHEN I start touring. We actually bought two very light weight camp chairs. Well, there are ones that weigh even less or convert a sleeping pad into a ground chair. I just need to be elevated off the ground a bit to keep my legs from falling asleep in under 5 minutes. Not to mention they stiffen up and make getting off the ground difficult.

I spotted the larger version of this chair in the window of the AddNature shop in downtown Uppsala on my last fruit run. Jens has said we might camp on our trip in the 2nd week of this month. I thought of how uncomfortable it was when we were sitting outside our tent in Denmark on that trip a couple years ago, before my stroke.

Intrigued I went in to look and saw they had these smaller ones as well. The bigger look more comfortable, but also weighed 1 lb more. I sat down in the smaller one and decided it would do for me just fine. I immediately took a photo of the bigger one and sent to Jens. He was intrigued, but wanted to see them for himself.

So, that’s what we did yesterday. We headed downtown to look. He tried both, but decided that while the larger was more comfortable it wasn’t worth the 600 kr extra as well as the extra weight. The shop didn’t have 2 of the chairs though. As a matter of fact, the only one of the Chair One they had was the display.

So, a trip to visit the new American Food store in Täby Centrum outside of Stockholm also turned into a hunt for another AddNature shop in search of a pair of chairs which would both be unused even for display. We also went to walk around Haga park which turned into a bit of a fiasco. Tried to rain. It was warm, humidity through the roof. Ick.

Another AddNature shop in Stockholm had the chairs. One blue/black and the other green. I have a comfy camp chair for WHEN I go on tour. And I will. It might be without Loke, but I’m not just dragging that water to be able to tackle hills better, but to tackle hills better with a full camping load.

You know… Helinox also makes little cots… hmmmmm….


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