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Oh, Yeah! The Sneezing…
May 11, 2016, 4:40 am
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I completely forgot to give a proper Loke update. Not sure why.

I know I’ve explained about the muzzle. Well, we ended up taking a little break from it. Within a few days when we started to use it, he began sneezing… a LOT. Not just a sneeze here and then hours later, a sneeze there. He’d have these fits where it was ‘sneeze-sneeze-sneeze’, draw a breath, ‘sneeze-sneeze-sneeze-‘… you get the idea. It was happening a dozen or more times a day with frequent single sneezes in between. I cringed every time because Loke has a disturbing tendency to slam his face into the floor when he sneezes. It’s a wonder he’s not knocked himself out yet at least once in the past 10+ years.

Through it all, he was fine otherwise. Bouncy, eager to go run even when he’d sneeze on the fly, eating like a horse. Loke, just with lots of sneezing. I was starting to think about taking him to a vet the following Monday if it didn’t settle on the weekend. Not good and can’t be fun to be sneezing so much.

Then slap in the middle of the weekend in the evening, I almost took him to the animal hospital. He turned sluggish and looked ‘depressed’. He just wanted to lay around with this eyes close in between sneezing fits. Later that evening, I felt his nose to find it warm and dry. He still perked up quite a bit of bunny ear treats and his supper. So I decided just to keep an eye on him and decide in the morning. By morning, he was mostly back to himself with nose feeling like a proper dog’s nose.

In the beginning, since the inside of his nose looked swollen, we thought perhaps it was the muzzle that had caused it, since part of it is supposed to rest right around the nose with an additional grid in front of the mouth on the inside. I’ve left it there since it was a bit more protection to keep Loke from getting bread. Otherwise, if the piece is big enough, he might just squeeze it between ground and muzzle with sufficient force to get pieces of it through the front of the muzzle like Playdough through one of those little machines that squeezed it into pretend spaghetti. Unlikely it would go through the second different sized grid as well though.

So, we took a break from the muzzle, which had already saved him from 3 or 4 pieces of bread. It makes me nervous knowing what’s at stake. It took quite a few days, almost a week, but he’s stopped sneezing.

Personally though, I’ve wondered if this is just a new phase of Loke’s delightful play with allergies. Hay fever. Sneezing, swollen sinuses, fever, lethargy. You know, the more traditional kind of allergic reaction. In humans at any rate, but he did pretty much have all the symptoms and the birches were in bloom which according to the prick test, he’s reactive to.

The fact that the last few days of the problem, when he was inside and everything was closed up, he hardly sneezed at all. As soon as we opened the balcony or a window, or went outside, ‘sneeze-sneeze-sneeze’ went the husky.

It’s been tapering off. Yesterday, he didn’t sneeze at all. Not even once. Monday, he only sneezed twice while the run with the trike. The birches, coincidentally, have finished blooming.

So, I’ll start using the muzzle again and see what the results are. I really don’t want my fuzzy one to get a superbug. I’m already convinced that bread and other things he shouldn’t have will be the death of him via infection. I’d like for him to be around at least until his 12th birthday. Huskies average lifespan after all is 12-14 years. It would gut me to euthanize an otherwise incredibly fit, healthy, happy and energetic furry old man because an antibiotic-resistant bacteria is eating his feet with nothing to done to stop it…

And, just because I wrote all this and my decision to use the muzzle once more… Loke has sneezed 3 times as I’ve written the previous paragraph. *sigh*


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