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April 6, 2016, 7:00 am
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No photos for this post. Just been plodding around in circles though one circle was significant.

Since Neil, the bike shop owner, poked at my gears, they’ve been doing pretty well. Baffling to say the least.

Loke’s face – it’s healing nicely now. It had a bit of chaos when we had a cookout dinner at my in-laws. Jens left before I did to walk Loke to his parents. When I got there, he told me the scab from the surgery wound had mostly come off. I looked and it was hanging by the smallest little bit, swinging around as Loke caromed around their little apartment. We got him pinned and I took a small pair of scissors to klip it loose.

The wound looked a bit angry, but the circumference was smaller at least. Later, he got sneaky and scratched it. It bled, but it’s not supposed to be wiped or even patted with something that can disturb the edges of it. Didn’t have any saline to flush it either. The whole thing left me feeling frustrated. Tina’s husband took a quick look and said it looked good. Healing well and no infection. He was an ICU nurse before he decided to branch into another career, so he’s easy to believe.

The chaos might have actually helped though. It’s been healing faster it seems. Of course, it might just be that the fact it’s smaller means it doesn’t have as far to go to close so it just looks faster.

I went for a ride on April 3rd though lacked absolutely any enthusiasm for it. The weather was leaden gray, though at least warm enough to not need more than an extra layer of wool on my top. I didn’t even bother with shoe-covers let alone footwarmers.

I’m not even sure where I found the oomph to get the riding clothes and shoes on, let alone actually out the door. But I did. The vague idea of heading out into the countryside for Loke’s sake rattled briefly through my head. The furball quickly changed my mind. He was a giant slug only wearing a husky costume. There was no part of me that had the patience to toodle along on a hamster track at 4 mph for 3 hours or more. Spring isn’t far enough along to make the scenery green or with colorful carpets of flowers. Clouds added to the murk. A whopping 4.5-ish miles.

It might have been the day of the slug ride, but I goggled at something on FB. I’ve been friends with the woman who owned Loke’s parents and bred him. Through her, some people in Norway who own a couple of Loke’s siblings from the same litter and race them friended me. They posted about one of their runs with Loke’s brother Eric in the forefront of the accompanying photo. It pretty much translated to something about the awesomeness of older dogs. Eric, nearly 11 years old and he did 28 km in an hour. 17.4-ish miles… in an hour.

I can’t remember Loke’s best. Probably not more than 9 miles in an hour. I mentioned that and the man who had posted replied that Loke’s brother had all the other dogs to egg him on. Admittedly, Loke’s all by himself and stuck at my best pace. Of course, I don’t let him charge headlong any more. Just some gentle loping because of arthritis.

Very impressed with Loke’s siblings setting that pace.

The next ride was the very next day after the previous slow, bored one.

The weather is what I might call a ‘flat’ day. When I stepped out, it wasn’t warm or cold. The sky looked like a sheet of lead and the light was so neutral there wasn’t a shadow to be seen which made things look almost two dimensional. Flat.

My mood was better about going out than on the previous day. Though still on the hamster track, it yet had purpose beyond ‘run Loke, get exercise and add miles’. Jens dropped us off at the storage since parking in the area has gotten more difficult and, as they are squeezing in another apartment building, will only get worse. I immediately set to work to check the air in the trailer’s tires, get everything up the slope and hitched up. Off we went with the Burley Cargo trailer rattling behind.

I think I’m going to start pulling it around on all the hamster tracks. I just found we had some 1.5 and 2 liter soda bottles hiding in return sacks for extra ballast. Someone asked why I don’t just drag my camping gear around. Well, water I can pour out if my knees start bothering me to make it easier to get back home. If I’m shopping or such, again, it can be poured out to change the weight for something I’ve bought instead of doubling up. Also, if I leave the trailer to run in somewhere, I don’t have to worry about coming back out to find someone’s pilfered my tent and sleeping bag.

I headed off for downtown though had to make a quick detour by the apartment. Since changing from an iPhone to a Samsung, my wallet and phone cover are two separate items again. I’m always forgetting one or the other. This time, it was my wallet. They really need to hurry up and ship the new wallet cases for the new Galaxy Edges. It wasn’t a total loss though, it added about a mile.

The first errand was to stop in at the groomer. My route passed within 100 yards so it was almost quicker to go there than call. She looked so baffled when I walked in. Clearly, not many people show up in her shop to make an appointment. The earliest time she had was the 25th. That’s fine as it will give Loke’s face plenty of time to be healed for it. He needs it. Oh, how he needs it.

Then we headed off deeper into the city, coming out near the hospital and poking down the big hill there to join up with the riverside path through downtown. We turned away from it to make for the walking street.

I made another quick stop to run into the little kitchen shop I’d spotted the last time I pedaled there. They have some nice stuff. There was one brand of cookware I liked the look of. I think I’ll buy a new pie form the next time I’m there since or last one developed a leaking crack and had to be discarded. Perhaps I’ll buy it today.

Then I rolled by the American food store. I would have kept going except I saw Charles’ wife running the shop. I popped in to buy a couple things and say hi. It was brief, she got a call so couldn’t chat right then and the place was busy.

Finally, we headed toward the main errand of the ride. The produce stand.

I was grinning as I rolled to a stop where I generally park at the edge of the tent. I didn’t really expect much as it’s too early for their really tasty watermelons or cherries. I bought one of the smaller, less flavorful watermelons found in Sweden year round though, some grapes and a bit of asparagus for dinner. As I walked up to the register, the man gave me a big smile and asked how I was. Clearly I’m remembered. A plump woman dressed in garish tights and spandex top on a recumbent trike with a white husky and yellow wagon. Yeah, not something one forgets if they see more than once or twice.

Paid for my haul and got it for a steal. Great looking fruit and vegetables for cheaper than anywhere else.

Errands done, the trike pointed back toward our end of Uppsala. I was coming up to the intersection with the cycle shop and mosque when my phone jangled. Stopping for the light, I took a moment to check. It was a text from the cycle shop to let me know my new tire had arrived. I laughed and made the crossings to roll right up to the shop.

Lotten looked a bit harried as she juggled a phone and waved a hello. When she had a moment to breathe, she apologized that they were so fully booked that Thursday (April 7th) was the soonest they could fit me in for the tire change. I assured her it was fine. The studded rear tire was hardly noticeable and as it’s the last time it will be used, a little more wear doesn’t matter.

Leaving the cycle shop, I tried to call Jens, but got a refusal followed by a text to say he was on a work call. That told me he wouldn’t be able to fetch us from the storage in timely fashion, so I rolled back to the apartment. 11.5 miles and lots done.

The timing was good too. It was getting cold! When I started it was almost 50 F. By the time I parked the trike at the apartment, it was a brisk 42 F. My feet were feeling it. There were also a few spits of rain. Not even enough to dampen me, but a warning.

A couple hours later, the hubby’s work day was done, so out Loke and I went again. It was still more than hour before sunset so I had no need of the nifty lights Jens bought me a few months ago.

On the longer run, Loke had been a bit lackluster. Not as pokey as the previous ride, but not a machine either. Oddly, as we set out for the storage, aiming to add a couple miles to the distance between here and there, he was suddenly a blaze of enthusiasm. His legs were a blur and his tongue flopped in a husky grin. I have no idea why. Maybe he sensed the coming rain and wanted to be snug and dry before it arrived.

We got speckled on the 2.3 mile roll and arrived at storage less than a minute before Jens. As we sat down in the car, a proper sprinkle began. How’s that for timing? Not a bad day’s work. Several errands taken care of and more than 13.8 miles under wheel and paws.

I’ll be riding more of course, but no telling when it will be off the hamster tracks. The trike will go to the shop today to get the tire swapped bright and early. Friday, Jens is going on fishing for the day with a couple friends. Not sure about anything else yet.

Loke and I are itching for some place fresher though…


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