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Rolling With The Punches…
December 14, 2015, 10:02 am
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All of them are aimed at Loke which admittedly affects me.

So, back in October it was the ruptured tumor and waiting for the stitches to heal. Then the mystery injury last month (November). Last week (first week of December), I noticed a pungent yeasty smell surrounding Loke and checked him over, his paws especially. His right front was angry red with suppurating wound on the underside in between the paw pads. Off to the vet we went again.

Naturally, Loke still suffered under the yoke of ‘enforced rest’. For about week he’d only had short walks, 15 minutes at most and at my pokey pace. Knowing my wonderful hubby was too kindhearted and impatient to keep Loke on a short leash, I took the burden of all the walks.

I booked us a time and it was a new vet. A very nice woman with one of the thickest Irish accents I’d ever heard. I asked what part of Ireland she was from. She answered with a laugh, saying she was Swedish, but all her roommates when she was in veterinary school in Hungary had been Irish. After a few years with them, it had infiltrated her English.

As she gave Loke a quick once over and then looked at his foot, I emphasized I’d really like to try avoiding antibiotics if at all possible. Loke’s had so much of them over the years. I explained that many times, this infection was caused by yeast rather than bacteria and there had been indications from previous samples that things were beginning to build a resistance. She understood, shaved his foot which Loke despised, but endured with his usual stoicism. After giving me a shampoo to wash the foot and told me what to look for at the apothecary to clean it with after every walk, we were on our way. She said she’d call as soon as the results were back from the lab.

I made a point to ask if it would be okay if Loke went out with the trike in a few days. I told her the runs for the first week or so will be short and slow because after 2 weeks restrictive rest I’d be easing him back into normal activity. She agreed, as long as the foot was protected.

Poor Loke. A foot shaved and the return of the socks.

Loke’s last day of restrictive rest was Friday, December 11th. In theory I could have taken him for a run on Saturday, but he still had one more dose of the anti-inflammation  medication. It seemed better if he didn’t try running with that in his system. I’d like a chance to spot something wrong before he really injured himself. So, he had to content himself with longer walks. During the day, I took him to the grave mounds to walk the full 1 mile loop. Later that evening, we walked to the storage and back because I’d left my Garmin on the trike. I wanted to be sure it was fully charged since Jens had my battery box with him in Vegas. There and back is about a mile.

Actually, I was more impressed with how well I did with two walks of a mile or more each than Loke.

So, Sunday, medication free, Loke got very excited as I started getting dressed for a ride. It was one of the coldest days we’d had in almost 2 weeks. A bit below freezing actually. As I wrestled on the layers, fought with the batteries of the footwarmers and settled the shoe covers, the fuzzy was in the way. I don’t think he understands how much of a hindrance he is and how much longer it takes to go when he’s trying to climb into my lap.

When we went out the car, he cheerfully jumped into the back. He’s never cheerful about riding in the car except for the goodie. He’s not scared of it, just doesn’t like it. Normally, he won’t get in until prompted to do so. This time, he was in and wagging his tail before I even had set down the handlebar bag.

The husky hilarity continued when we arrived at the storage. He bounced around on the tether as I aired the tires and rolled it out. As I went to hitch Loke up, I had a ‘D’oh!’ moment. The running bar wasn’t on the trike. I went back into the storage to chase it down. As I came walking out, Loke was abruptly in the way more than usual. I’d step left, he’d whirl and move left with me, stopping right in front of my feet. I’d dodge right and there he was, bouncing and then sitting right at the tips of my shoes.

It took a moment to realize what was going on. Loke was determinedly positioning himself to run in relation to the tether on the bar in my hands instead of beside the trike. I had to laugh and leaned over to give the silly furball a hug. Clearly, Loke’s understanding of how running with the trike works much more profoundly than previously thought. ‘I never run with the trike without the bar, therefore, the bar is more important than the trike. I must be with the bar to run.’

The bar mounted, we were ready to roll. We set out together for the first time in 16 days. My first ride in 7 days. Loke was crazed. He yodeled, he kangaroo hopped. He wanted to run at full charge.

I didn’t let him. 8 mph was the top speed I permitted. He gave me dirty looks.

Loke pulled with such power I couldn’t tell if I felt stronger or weaker after riding so little the past few weeks. It hardly seemed necessary to pedal up over the bridge across the 55.

The hardest part of the ride was keeping that foot socked. His pulling put so much friction on the foot that the sock would just come off after a short distance. I lost 2 of them just over the 3 miles.

I spent the rest of the day watching him like a hawk. I’m pleased to say though that were was no limping and no yelping.

Today is a rest day for the fuzzy to be sure he doesn’t relapse his injury, whatever it was. He’s not bored at the moment though. He’s at the groomer. When he comes back he’ll be all soft and fluffy white. Hopefully without that yeasty smell as I asked the very nice woman to wash him with the medicated shampoo. Maybe that will even help his foot since he’s allergic to what makes that yeasty smell.


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