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Soft Goals
November 19, 2015, 9:46 am
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Ah, goals! The bane of my existence, usually. I managed to reach one big one this year though. That magical 1000 miles!

The next one for the year has been tugging at me. As mentioned in the last post, I’m going to take a stab at it. Not a ‘grit the teeth and hammer the pedals’ kind of stab, but ride when I feel I can and let it give me a bit of a push on those days where I feel ‘meh’ about going out. If I make it, awesome! If I don’t, well, I was close and will set weekly/monthly goals to hopefully beat it in 2016.

It has put things in perspective post stroke. It’s let me realize how far I’ve come since it hit me last year. Remembering those first few months of pain, barely able to move, let alone ride, without wanting to cry with how much it hurt, but now seeing how well I’ve done this year in spite of that rough beginning has done a world of good for my mental well-being. It’s certainly been more of a lift than repeating to myself over and over, ‘It could have been worse. I’m not in a vegetative state.’ Having other people tell me how lucky I am just made me feel snippy. Lucky would have been catching my high blood pressure before it burst a vessel in my head.

Enough of that.

I looked at a calendar and worked out that there would be 6 weeks left in the year starting today, (Thursday, November 19th) as New Year’s Eve is on a Thursday. Seeing that actually motivated me for at least one extra ride last week. The more miles I got in before the 6 weeks started, the fewer I’d have to worry about for those weekly goal attempts.

The 14th was a rest day. November 15th, Sunday, out we went. It turned into quite a short ride. I had planned on longer, but two miles into it, I suddenly worried that I’d forgotten to lock the storage. I rushed back as fast as I dared with a sluggish husky. Turned out my worry was for naught. The truncated River Loop gave me 4.36 miles for that day. I didn’t have any desire to head back out over ground I’d just rolled across. Loke would have been even slower on it just from sheer boredom.

Monday, November 16, out again. That one was a proper ride. A bit over 10 miles as I rode toward downtown Uppsala and stopped at the American Food store. Charles’ wife was there it turned out. She was in the back putting extra stock away. I stuck my head back there to greet her while the woman helping them out rang up the few goodies I picked. It was a brief catch up, but nice to reconnect. From there we rolled out toward Vaksala just because I wanted the extra 5 miles or so. A good ride actually. I was pleased to see that my higher cadence continued. That it might be the new normal made me grin.

Glutton for punishment that I am, I pushed myself out again on Tuesday. I would have been better off taking a rest. It was harsh. My legs hurt and had no strength which of course impacted my cadence for the worse. The ride was barely 3 miles. I simply had nothing in me to do more. Honestly, it wasn’t even worth the effort of getting changed and hunting for a parking spot near the storage. That has become an even scarcer commodity with road construction blocking over a dozen spots along the street that used to be parking.

So, with Wednesday being a rest day, I was going to be starting the official last 6 weeks of the year with 205 miles left. It comes out to about 34 miles a week. I figured that barring snow as deep as my hips or lots of rain, a health set back for me or Loke, it’s doable. After all, between November 8th to 14th, I did over 40 miles.

I ‘ve already been out today (Thursday, November 19) with Jens dropping us off at the storage before zipping off to work. Not an auspicious beginning. It felt almost as bad as it had on the last ride. Legs aching, very little strength and my cadence way down over the 2.73 miles as I rolled from storage to home. It almost makes me wonder if it’s not the need for my muscles to rebuild from exercise that made today and the last ride so hard, but some sneaky post-stroke issues masquerading as exercise fatigue.

Fatigue or stroke stuff, I’m still going to go out again for at least a few more miles. Loke can use it and so can I.

What was that about 1225 miles for 2015 being a soft target?


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