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September 29, 2015, 7:20 am
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Just a short little blurb to stay on top of things.

I’ve been riding quite a bit actually, but just local stuff. We all know how exciting it is to go over the same ground again and again and again and…..

But it’s not been all bad. In spite of battling a cold Jens so kindly graced me with, I’ve been feeling pretty strong doing it. My last ride on September 24th, I actually found myself enjoying the River Loop. That was a surreal experience.

There’s still been drama unfortunately. Weirdness with the face indicating a possible clot in the brain again. I was stressed and anxious about it, debated going to the hospital, but after the last 2 experiences with it, I decided to wait and see. Not much they would/could do about it and I didn’t want to inflict so much physical pain on myself to be mostly ignored in a room with nothing to do. The hospital beds just kill my back. The last time, I barely go any sleep because the muscles along my spine would cramp and spasm if I laid still more than 20 minutes. After the first evening, there was hardly a nurse to be seen. No more checks or tests. Apparently, I was just penned up there for an extra 19 hours to wait for the doctor. Could have done that at home with less pain and less stress.

I still rode through that time, especially since the hubby was in London for most of it.

Loke’s been running strong. Granted the rides have been generally short with just a couple stretching over the 10 mile mark.

The fairing arrived. The shipping company texted or called the hubby on September 14th to say they’d deliver between like 10 am and 2 pm. Jens of course works and I had a slew of appointments over the first half of that week. So, we arranged to go pick it up when he got off work that day.

I was thrilled to bits as I walked out of the shipping center. I’ve wanted one of these for maybe 2 years. There was also some nervousness about whether or not it would work on the Sprint 26.

My attempt to get the fairing mounted didn’t happen right away. I did pull the key piece out to look at it and felt a stronger pang of doubt at the sight of it.

It was a few days more before I had time to take a proper look. The 2015 Rugby World Cup has been a distraction and I didn’t want to mess with it if the trike was wet in case I had to send the fairing back.

Finally, I could get a look and there was an issue. Where the mount needed to be fastened overlapped with the screw clamps of the pedal boom. It was a couple days more before I managed to schedule a time with my father-in-law for help. I had images of cutting bits of wood or the like to make it work. Don’t ask. We settled on afternoon of Wednesday, September 23.

I went for a ride that morning. The River Loop I actually enjoyed despite leaden gray skies. The air was only a bit cool and mostly still. The temp held pretty steady at 54 F according to my Garmin. Loke tried to run like he was 6 years old or thereabouts.

One moment of the ride was fun. I was passing the school when a handful of the kids out for recess came running to the edge of the cycle path. They yelled and waved so gleefully that I swerved over. As many times has I’ve passed the school, I’ve gotten waves and stares, but no more than 3 times have any of the youngsters spoken to me and only when I’ve stopped for Loke to ‘mark territory’ or for me to put/take off extra layers.

This was the first time any of them have waved me down. One boy led the little group. A gregarious young man with sandy blond hair, 8 years old, maybe 9. He was all wide eyed as he looked at the trike. Then the questions flew. All in Swedish of course. I had to ask him to repeat himself most times. Kids generally haven’t learned any English yet and they talk fast. The activities of yard workers weedwhacking the undergrowth of the frisbee golf course on the other side of the cycle path didn’t help.

His first question was, ‘Where did you get this?’. When I answered it was made in England, he followed up with, ‘Have you been to England?’. He seemed very impressed when I told him I’d been there several times.

Spontaneously, I got up and invited him to take a seat. He looked a bit flummoxed about how to get in so I explained while pointing to the proper leg to go over the boom. He was clearly enchanted as he ran his hands over the mudguards and looked closely at the steering bars and grinned at the Garmin from the proper position. He had to sit well forward in the seat to reach the pedals.

Then he looked puzzled as he examined the steering bars more closely. ‘Where are the gear shifts?’. I was delightedly surprised. While kids start riding young in Sweden, gears aren’t anything common on bikes for his age group. An obvious display of attention to detail and interest in bikes. I helped him up and showed him the twist grips. He loved them. Another boy plonked himself down in the seat, but he was content to let the other one talk.

Loke took an unexpected interest in the second lad. Leaned over to give his face a lick which is unheard of. Loke barely likes to give kisses for goodies let alone lick random strangers. Then the leader of the curious bunch asked how many gears and was impressed with the number. Then his intelligent, quick attention shifted to Loke. He asked if he could pet him. Loke warmed to him too. Instead of sitting with a mildly irritated look and staring into the distance, he wagged his tail and leaned into the boy’s hands. There were the usual questions of course. What was his name? What kind of dog was he? How far could he run? The answer to that got many wide eyes and awe-struck exclamations. When I told them he was 10 years old, the blond boy was amazed. ‘He’s older than me!’ he exclaimed.

I told them I had to get moving again. It was coming up toward lunch time and without a definite time to meet with my FIL beyond ‘afternoon’, I wanted to get back home. The boy gave Loke a final pat and asked when I might ride by again. I told him I came through a few times a week. He nodded and led his little gang back toward the school buildings.

I zipped back to the garage as the first droplets of drizzle started. I reconsidered my idea of riding to my in-laws for the attempt to mount the fairing. The reason to go there was to be close to whatever tools we might need. The rain changed my mind though. Better to be snug and dry in the garage and bring whatever tools we might need.

My MIL called about 15 minutes after I arrived home. We agreed about the weather and she said they’d come pick me up in about half an hour. I had just enough time to inhale lunch and finish a cup of tea.

It took about 40 minutes, but with Å’s determination, we managed to get it on. It’s not perfect, the mount sitting kinda wonky and off to one side, but it doesn’t impact the fairing’s proper position and took none of the elaborate rigging I was thinking on. I was soooo thrilled I almost forgot myself and Å almost got a hug. I remembered in the nick of time, but joked with him about it. He’s an awesome man, but very much with the stoic and reserved Swedish nature of another age.

I felt a little bad that I’d not asked the husband of one of Jens’ sisters for help as well. My reasoning had been on the issue of tools. Å had mentioned to the guy about the task and he had really wanted to come help. I thought his skill were more slanted toward computers, like my hubby, but it seems M is good with his hands and fiddly stuff too. Unfortunately, a conflict with some other task had meant he couldn’t come.

I have to say, I’m soooo thrilled with the results though. I’ll take some tools to tweak height and angles if need be, but it’s on!

The plan had been to ride yesterday to test it, but waking up with a very sore throat, ear ache and sinuses jinxed that. Of course, it also turned into one of the prettiest day’s we’ve had in weeks. Mostly sunny with lovely puffy clouds drifting through a sky of autumnal blue. About 55 F and only breezy at times. There I was too sick to ride. *grumble*

I’m feeling better today and about to run out for a ride.

So, that’s me all caught up for now. More will following in the next few days with photos and a review of the fairing. Fingers are crossed that this winter will be less brutal on my toes thanks to the new addition!

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