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Yttergran’s Church

During the late 1100’s or about the year 1200 AD, a small church was built on this site in the Romanesque style. In the beginning the main space had a flat wooden ceiling or possibly an open roof truss. The tower on the west end was probably added in the early 1200’s, though was isolated from the rest of the building, lacking the current arcade arch between church and tower.

During times of conflict, the church was used as a refuge with the tower doubling as a defensive structure. From the beginning the tower chamber had a massive barrel vault of granite.

By 1300 AD, the church was too small small and it was expanded.

Today, the church is largely characterized by renovations during the 1700’s. In 1723, on the night between May 14th and 15th, lightning struck the church and was devastated by the resulting fire. Spire, roof and belfry were burned completely, the church bells melted and the tower split on two sides.

Suggestions were made to demolish the church and expand another nearby church to accommodate the loss. The parishioners disagreed with the proposal and began immediate repairs.

During the remainder of the 1700’s the church underwent extensive renovations which replaced the tower’s cap, changed the number and size of windows and the like, as well as the stone walls getting their coat of plaster.

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