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End of an Era? » 07-11 a Salnecke Slott Distant

Salnecke Manor in the distance

Salnecke manor has a main building, three stories, made of brick and with a pitched roof. It is one of the best preserved manors in Uppland from the end of the Vasa era. The present building was constructed in 1640’s. Over the red sandstone door frame is the coat-of-arms of the builder, Georg Grissbach. The castle has been a protected building since 1967.

The manor’s first known owner was Karl Ingeborgasson Lejonbalk, Chief judge of Tiohärad’s area in Småland. He traded the estate to Sko kloster (monastery) in 1302. It quickly changed hands again to Andreas And who was some kind of official in Uppsala.

By the end of the 1300’s, the manor belonged to Bo Jonsson Grip. In 1383, it fell into the possession of Klara Monastery in Stockholm. The monastery owned it until 1640 when it went to Archbishop Jöns Bengtsson who was part of the Oxenstierna family.

In 1527, the Västerås Recess transferred ownership of the manor (and many other estates) to the crown. In 1626,

It was passed on a few more times over the centuries. Most recently in 2013 for 17 million Kr (2 million USD roughly)

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