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Slush, Slush, and More Slush
February 11, 2015, 6:04 am
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Yesterday was a bit of a busy day.

Though we’d gone out on Monday, I planned to ride again yesterday (Tuesday the 10th). Jens had to catch an early flight and it was dawning into another beautiful day. The various forecasts predicted a cold day than the one before though it still looked warm enough for melting. Still, I was determined.

First I had to get some wild game meat for Loke. Last week, the reindeer shop said they were out of meat and wouldn’t be getting in until Wednesday. Ran out of the reindeer we had for Loke’s lunch, so needed something to hold him over through Wednesday until Jens can grab more. Hopefully they’ll have it in because feeding Loke grocery bought wild meat could break the bank.

*nudge, nudge, nudge*

*nudge, nudge, nudge*

As I was getting ready to go shop, I heard a loud BANG. There’s been so much road work just outside our apartment I thought nothing of it. While waiting for the car heater to do it’s magic before going, I’d sat down to work on yesterday’s post. In moments, this happened…

I’ll admit it. The only reason I’m sharing the whole shopping thing is because I wanted to put this photo here. That way when I flip through my on-line cycle diary, there it will be to make me laugh or grin.

Loke’s always done things like this when he wants something or thinks he’s being ‘forgotten’. With Jens, he’ll put his front paws on his chair and paw at him. Me, he’s more likely to put his head on my hand or arm and stare soulfully. While he’s doing that, he’ll keep moving his head so he’s jostling me. It’s almost like a kid standing near and saying, ‘Mom… mom.. mom’ over and over.

The first few years of life, he would actually slap at keyboards or the computer mouse, but he’s given that up for his current tactics. There’s also the tap-dancing woofing, but yesterday morning he opted for nudging.

Admittedly, I had planned on him staying home while I went shopping. That pitiful look and making me laugh with the nudging, I decided to take him with. A very short walk after I came out of the grocery wouldn’t hurt either of us.

Ohhhh. That's what it was!

Ohhhh. That’s what it was!

Exiting the building to go to the car, I found out the loud bang had been the street light next to our building crashing down. Looks like a high vehicle like a garbage truck or perhaps a moving truck had clipped it. The pole had snapped off right at the ground.

I love snow!

I love snow!

Shopping done, Loke and I took a brief little stroll around part of the 4H grounds. It was a gorgeous day. Cold and clear, no melt going on.

I was definitely looking forward to taking the trike out. There was even a plan for the ride. We’d go to Jens’ parents to look at some shelves in their garage as they’re moving and will no longer have a garage. It would give Loke and I a few more extra miles than the simple River Loop. It was needed to make sure I burned off all of the early Valentine’s Day dinner Jens and I had at Jay Fu’s the night before.

It was nearly 10 am when I got home. Almost 11:30 (ate a little something and gave it half an hour to settle before dressing) when we left the apartment. By the time I clipped in and we rolled out, it was after 12:00.

Maybe Loke was feeling the 5+ miles from Monday, but he didn’t seem as determined to run. As we rolled down the gentle grade in the direction of the river, the change in the day was astounding. Puddles stood everywhere and little streams ran furiously toward every storm drain. What had been ice such a short time before was now puddles and worse… slush.

It dominated the entire ride. Where I could, I steered the trike over the the few spots where pavement showed or places that hadn’t had a chance to begin liquefying. Loke helped. I don’t think he let his tether slacken one bit. At times people could outwalk me as I pedaled through the mire. It’s no reflection on my cadence either. My average came out to 68 RPM. Not Tour de France worthy, but fairly respectable for me as I could feel the previous day’s ride.

Oh, and I was hot. My Weather Channel app insisted it was 37 F. There is no way. My Garmin showed temps between 47-53 F which is far more believable. In the first mile, the hat under my helmet was packed in the bags. By mile 2, I wore nothing but my base layer on my upper body and wished (again) that I’d worn thin wool for my legs. I had even turned off my footwarmers and considered taking off my shoe covers. They stayed on. It’s harder to get feet warm than the rest of the body.

It was bad enough at times that in areas where we were away from traffic, I took my helmet off to let my head cool off. Our pace was so slow and the air so utterly calm, that yes, the vented helmet felt like a heavy hood of dense fur.

It was a relief to reach Jen’s parents. I saw the shelves and socialized a bit. My darling MIL made sure I had something to drink and didn’t let me go until she was certain my helmet was securely on. She also asked that I stick to the cycle paths as much as I could because the slush could make cars skid.

Getting back home was hard, the last mile especially. Felt like I was barely moving by that point. At least the last quarter mile or so was on clear pavement. Uphill, but slush free.

I was sooo wiped. It was all I could do to put the trike away, come home, towel the mudball off and collapse. 8.44 miles in 2 hours and 9 minutes of moving time. Here I thought my average was barely 3 mph. I decided that today would be a rest day. Otherwise, my legs just might have fallen off…

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Is that the 4H farm in Gränby? I also use to go there. They have a toilet, you know. :mrgreen:
One day we’ll meet. It’s inevitable.

I have a new chain that makes my trike feel like it has lost some 10 kg and shifting is totally silent. I had no idea chains could make such a big difference! I also have new, more narrow, tires. They are almost 1 kg lighter than the Big Apples I have now, for all three, that is. Can’t wait to try them. But I will wait until they’ve removed most of the ghastly crushed stone they use instead of sand.

Comment by scorp

Yep! Loke and I went through there on Thursday. The gravel and slush are harsh. I can’t wait for the ‘Great Sweeping’ to commence and I swap back to my summer tires. 🙂

Comment by Terii

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