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2014 Year End Totals
December 26, 2014, 10:03 am
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I know I’ve been quiet again. My rides have been few and far between. The physical impact of my hypertension medication has just worn me down. Everything hurts. Wash a few dishes by hand and my shoulders, arms, neck and back feel like I’ve been at it for hours. Walking a quarter mile is like a 50 mile forced march over rough terrain. I went to the gym and 5 reps on any of the machines had me nearly in tears with the muscle pain. Quite embarrassing as I went at 9:30 am instead of 5 am. Humiliating even.

Turns out it’s a not-uncommon side effect of one of the three medications for my blood pressure. Nothing for me to do but suffer. It’s left my mood quite low.

While before I was sucking it up to grit my teeth for 5 – 7 mile river loops, there’s been another complication in the cycling issue. The weather turned.

In early December, it was still looking as if this winter was going to be as warm, wet and dreary as any on the Mississippi Gulf Coast 1000 or more miles further south. Then we started getting colder. Little icy snaps that turned the wet on the pavement into treacherous ice. Even a couple snows.

Just enough that I couldn’t ride without studded tires, but it didn’t really stick around long enough for me to bother with swapping the tires to the studs. Swapping the rear tire on my trikes has always been a trial and a torment. Doing it now with this medication would make it 1000x harder and more painful.

It wasn’t like the ice and snow was going to be sticking around very long either, which would mean that cycling would have been even harder with the knobby, studded tires raising the roll resistance. I thought my legs and hips hurt before, I’m sure the winter tires would snow me new levels of torture.

Now though, it looks like the cold weather is here to stay. We even had a couple inches of snow fall before the real cold hit. Yesterday was the coldest we’ve had in almost 2 years. 14 F around noon when Jens and I took Loke for a walk at the grave mounds to enjoy a beautiful clear sky and sun. Today is even colder. To be amusing, it’s even too cold for me to ride even if I had the studded tires on. Murphy is laughing at me.

So, here are the year’s totals!

Miles – 692

Runestones – 28 (8 of them in Denmark)

Churches – 18 (6 in Denmark)

Church Interiors – 8 (5 in Denmark)

Rock Carvings – 6 (3 locations in Denmark)

Standing Stones/Ship Settings – 4

Burial Grounds – 2

Ruins – 7 (2 in Denmark)

Castles/Manor Houses – 3

Cultural Locations – 4

Passage Grave – 1 in Denmark

Not TOO bad, I guess. Certainly could have been worse.

I say this every year, but here’s to hoping that the coming year will be better than the last! Fingers crossed for a great 2015!

Oh! Almost forgot to mention! Sometime last week, my blog finally tipped over 20k views! It only took me 5 or more years!

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