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Working My Way Back
December 2, 2014, 12:37 pm
Filed under: Day Rides

Given how uncomfortable the last ride was, I wasn’t looking forward to riding again in colder temperatures. Still, the knowledge that it’s not going to get any better with me becoming a shut in, I have been working on getting out and moving.

Yesterday was going out for an hour and a half walk with Loke. The clouds had thinned with bits of blue peeking here and there overhead. I didn’t have a car, but felt like getting out into the dry and moderately brighter daylight. My speed was way down. Before the whole double hospital fiasco last month, I could have walked the distance in under an hour.

It didn’t matter to me how slow my feet were going. I was out and meandering along while Loke sniffed around when the sun came out. First it was as if it came through heavily frosted glass and then broke free of misty clouds to shine unhindered and casting shadows. Still not very strong or bright. This time of year, the angle is so low.

Jens worked from home today, so off I went to do my 2nd ride since leaving the hospital the second time.

It was a little warmer this time, but still too cold to not go thermal-less. I pulled everything on in stages and got Loke harnessed before heading into the car.

In the storage, I couldn’t help but think how good a foot stool might be. With temperatures almost seasonal for once (at or below freezing), it means shoe covers and footwarmers to wrestle with along with my cycle shoes. Sitting on the floor is uncomfortable and annoying to get everything settled.

Loke helped me get the trike up the slope. A little dog of unknown breed was yapping at us, clearly uneasy at the strange big dog next to the weird wheeled thing. His owner coaxed him along rather than dragged him, taking a moment to say what a fine dog Loke was.

Then off we went. The resistance of the thermals didn’t feel quite as strong as the last right which I hoped would mean less muscle burn a few miles in.

Just before we crossed the river, Loke managed to snatch up a stick. He didn’t want to let go of it for anything. The sight of me on the trike with a stick toting husky elicited laughter from the few people we passed.

I kept expecting him to drop it, but he still had a determined grip as we passed a mile since he grabbed it. Finally I took the risk of digging my phone out while rolling to take some video. I even managed to get Loke to glance at me. He finally dropped it about a half mile after I took the video.

After about 3 miles, the same muscles around the upper leg and hip on the left were quite uncomfortable, but not nearly as bad as the last ride. I was surprised at how cold my fingers got, even worse than the last ride. Painfully so. I kept opening the mittens to slide my fingers through my hair and against my scalp for warmth. Those mittens have served me so well through other much colder rides, but today they felt as if they might as well have been made of silk. I had to wonder if my lower blood pressure is somehow to blame.

It wasn’t a bad ride as rides go, I guess. Not pleasant, but got some exercise for both Loke and I. Need to keep it up and recover from the Nightmare November. I want my fitness back and then some!


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