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We Had Snow!! Sorta…
November 7, 2014, 7:22 am
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So far, this approaching winter is showing all the signs of being much like last winter. That’s to say, not much of a winter at all. A Mississippi winter. Not much frost, little to no cold snaps that would put a skin of ice on puddles, gray and lots and lots of wet. Actually, it was announced on the news here that this area of Sweden in particular hasn’t even moved from meteorological summer to autumn. By temperature shifts, which hold more weight here in Sweden, it is still considered very much summer regardless of equinoxes and the approaching solstice.


The Holy Woman & Her Children - Bornholm, Denmark

The Holy Woman & Her Children – Bornholm, Denmark

Makes me feel almost guilty for not attempting a tour. But who wants to pedal around in chilly, soggy clothes to sleep in a wet tent with a potentially soggy sleeping bag? My luck, I’d try it and THEN we’d get a hard freeze cold snap. Hehe.

That said, we did get our first snow fall. I went out for an appointment yesterday. As I walked to the car, I saw a snowflake, then another. Finally it turned into a real snow though nothing stuck. The ground far too warm with the persistent lack of frost or freezes. At 2 C, even cars didn’t collect a dusting of white. Instead it melted into puddles and chuckled down storm drains like a common rain. A few hours later, it was a rain/snow mix. Once the sun went down, it did its best to become a slush. Never quite made it.

This morning, it’s pushing into 50 F and I spent the night kicking blankets off even with a window open.

There have been a few rides since my last post. Boring… tedious pedallings around here. The heavy gray skies and near constant drizzles just suck my will for anything more. Short days aren’t helping. That’s one thing the declaration that it’s still summer can’t change. No matter what the weather person says, the days get shorter and shorter. It will be nice when the winter solstice arrives and I can get giddy with the lengthening days.

Oh! One thing I will mention about the rides of late. The trike is behaving flawlessly! I do believe I’ve cracked the mystery of why the gears fouled up so much and sometimes, just hours after having been adjusted. It does look like it was my careless shifting putting the chain and derailleur under the strain of big front/big back. Since getting it adjusted last time, I’ve avoided doing that naughty combo and the trike has been behaving perfectly!

We’ll just have to continue being aware of our shifting and see if it holds true.


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