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Improved, But….
August 21, 2014, 3:55 am
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Within 12-15 hours after his first anti-inflammatory dose, Loke did improve. Subtle at first. He began dozing on the floor more comfortably rather than snapping awake to pull his foot off the floor. Then he would put it down occasionally on the walks. Then he’d hobble along, using it from time to time with 1 step in five being a quick limp on it.

By Thursday (August 14th), he was limping very little, but I’d decided he’d need at least 3 full days without a limp. Friday morning, he still favored it very slightly though by lunch he was his normal self. So, the count began on Saturday.

During the week, I was starting to go a bit stir-crazy. With an unhappy back and a crippled husky, even long-ish walks were out of the question. In terms of separation anxiety, Loke’s gotten worse. Sometimes, he gets upset if he’s left alone for anything where before it tended to be only if he thought/knew I was out cycling. That effectively pinned me in the apartment. If it had still be broiling warm, it wouldn’t have been an issue. Annoyingly, the temps had gone from near 90’s or above to absolutely glorious. Highs in the 70’s and lightly breezy that just begged, pleaded for outdoor activities which for me means cycling. Except I had the Howling Husky and didn’t really want to come back from a 4 hr ride to face a bunch of irritated neighbors.

Jens worked from home on that Friday (August 15th) and out the door I bolted. I took a rather odd meander off through the western portion of Uppsala. It came back to the city forest for a roll through there before going the usual way toward the city center. By the river, I stopped for ice cream. The guy gave me an extra cone over the first one because he thought the first might have cracked. Instead of eating it, I stood by the very low river and tossed bits into the water for the ducks and fish to fight over.

It felt so good to be out and I arrived back home with 12.5 miles.

On Sunday, I went out again and with purpose beyond spinning the pedals and adding miles under the wheels. I took a toodle through the other side of Uppsala to stop by my in-laws to drop a few things off. One of them was a bottle of local made mead Jens had discovered. It’s actually from Vänge which used to be a destination or pass through on various rides over the years. I wasn’t feeling terribly well by the middle of the ride, so I cut it a little short. Still, it felt good to go out again, especially since Jens’ work week was starting again and I would be husky bound again on Monday (August 18th).

Monday was the 3rd day of the count and Loke was looking pretty much like his normal self. Becoming quite a pest actually. Back to the high energy levels, desperate lurches to his feet every time Jens or I so much as blinked.

Tuesday afternoon, out the door we went for his first ride since August 10th. He was crazed and desperate to run. He pulled like mad as clenched the brakes to keep his speed down. We did a simple River Loop and arrived home with a smidge over 4 miles. We came home and he was bright eyed and bossy as if to say, ‘Well, that was a good warm up! What is there for real exercise?!’

I took him out again with the trike yesterday (August 20th). Jens was away in Finland for a business trip and Loke’s energy levels have been through the roof. With laundry to do and my back unhappy, trying for even a 2.3 mile walk was out of the question. A ride it had to be. That or micro walks which would have made Loke nuts in his current state of mind and energy.

It didn’t go quite as well. He started off strong and then kinda lagged, which suited me fine as I wanted to take it nice and easy. He started behaving oddly in the hind end again. At one point it was like one of his back paws didn’t come up properly for the step, so the top of it kinda dragged over the ground just before his legs half-buckled. Things like that make me sick. Yet the vet checked not only his paw with it’s hurt toe, but the rest of his joints and such as well. She wouldn’t have found anything if I’d taken him there that very moment. I cut the ride short at 2.3 miles, the same loop I would have walked him on.

So often, it’s only with the trike that he has these odd periods of limping and movement. The rest of the day on walkies with Jens and following me back and forth between apartment and the laundry room in another building, he was fine.

Later in the evening, he was being a pest again.

I swear, the conflict between Loke’s high energy levels and his aging joints is going to be the ruin of my sanity….


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