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Fates! Take Pity On Loke!
August 12, 2014, 10:09 am
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Loke had been doing pretty well of late, but suddenly the fates have seen fit to lay him low again. How bad it is remains to be seen.

Saturday night (9th), Jens and I took him for the last short walk of the evening in preparation of the night’s sleep. He went out with us happily and trotted along fine. Then suddenly, paused a moment to do that bizarre sort of stretch, back-kick with a hind leg after which he walked weird. Jens thought at first, maybe he had something in his foot, but I pointed out that he was putting his full weight on the leg fine, just it was moving oddly. Then he stopped to do the kick-stretch with the other leg. It was like his entire backside was drunk, staggering and weaving to and fro.

I was already planning to get my purse, toss Loke in the car and drive to the animal hospital, but by the time he walked another 150-200 yards, he was fine again. Every time I’ve taken him to a vet for something like this, they find nothing wrong. I told Jens that there was no way I was going to take Loke cycling the next day after an episode like that. He would have to be solid for an entire day.

And all day Sunday, Loke was his normal happy self.

Yesterday morning (11th), Loke woke fine and bounced happily out the door with Jens for the early morning walkies. As I had on Sunday every time Jens took him out, I asked how the fuzzy one had moved. Perfectly fine and absolutely normal. Energetic.

With that news, I asked Jens to help get the trike out so I could take Loke for a short, slow outing later. About 10 am, I started getting dressed for a ride and Loke caught wind of it. He started pacing, restless with anticipation, but limping. I immediately nixed the ride. Unlike the weird drunken butt of the Saturday night, this was clearly something with the foot. I checked it, but found no indication of any kind of wound or splinter. We went for a walk instead where Loke limped along, clearly favoring his left hind paw, but still using it.

About 3:00 pm, it abruptly became bad enough that he would not for anything, use the leg. Even laying flat on his side, he kept it tense, flinching it back up every time the leg drooped and the side of the foot would rest on the floor.

That was it. I texted Jens and told him I was calling the vet clinic to see if they could fit him in today. First I called Jens’ dad to ask if he could drive Loke and I there. Of course, he could! Got an appointment for 4:45.

The last time this happened, Loke spent about a month limping while we tried to figure out what was going on with a toe on his front paw before it had to be removed due to some kind of infection and a bone tumor. After 2 months of hobbling around, that was when he started displaying symptoms of arthritis too.

The clinic was very busy, just one vet working so it was a bit late when I got in. The vet was very nice, looked up the info about the last limping episode. Then she too about 15 minutes to closely examine the offending foot. Even shaved all the hair from between, under and around his toes to thoroughly check for any foreign bodies imbedded where we couldn’t see. Nope, nothing.

So, then it was on to X-rays. While we were waiting for the X-ray results (Jens was there having left work early so his dad only had to drop us off), three women came in. Definitely a mother/daughter and what might have been an aunt or another daughter. With them was a plump, very friendly and curious Springer Spaniel. They sat in chairs across from us except for the older woman who sat on the floor next to the Spaniel and just started crying. Clearly, this was a ‘goodbye, dear one’ moment. Moved me to tears, not only for their sakes, but wondering if I might be facing the same with Loke too soon.

The X-rays were inconclusive, though the vet did say maybe there was a little, tiny bit of inflammation, but it could be just normal for him since it is the toe that takes the most weight. She prescribed some pain meds, ones strong enough we have to watch out for side-effects to be given twice a day, and told me to use the anti-inflammatory meds we still had from what she gave us for when Loke’s arthritis acts up.

Loke’s had 2 doses of the pain meds with no sign of improvement, even when he must clearly be under their influence. He’s getting those in the morning with breakfast and evening with his dinner. The anti-inflammatory meds, which he’s to have once a day, I give him at noon so he’s not getting a double whammy. Since that’s the first dose of the anti-inflammatory meds, I’m waiting to let them get good in his system before taking him out for a business walk. If he’s not improved by tomorrow or definitely by Friday, I’m calling the clinic again.

I’m worried sick. He’s been doing so well. I don’t want him to lose another toe… or worse.


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