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That One Last Stone…
August 9, 2014, 4:56 am
Filed under: Day Rides

I just couldn’t figure out how to cram this smoothly into the upcoming next two posts, so it’s gonna have it’s own little mini-post. Can’t believe I forgot to put this in.

For several months now, I’ve actually added a loop to my repertoire that goes through the northwestern corner of Uppsala, past my hubby’s parents place, to a 4H Club area and by Vaksala church and the mall before back home. I’ve found quite a few runestones in the 4H Club area, but one stubbornly eluded me.

Uppland Runestone #968

Uppland Runestone #968

Well, back on July 16th (before the broiling weather hit), I finally managed to track it down. The reason it was so difficult for me is because right slap in the center of the 4H grounds sits what looks to be a private residence. Pastures and club houses, offices and barns all around it and there’s a house, fenced off for the most part, hedges thick along the fence-line, kids toys in the yard. I’ve always avoided it.

Well, this time I drew a deep breath and went in yard, skirting hard along the hedges at the edge. Voila! There was the stone, Uppsala Runestone #968 peeking out from beneath a coniferous shrub, broken and faded.

The rest of that day’s ride was fairly unmemorable other than feeling a sense of accomplishment at finally having found that last elusive stone.


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