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Pasture Entrance for Stone Carving Path


In the Bronze Age (1800-500 BC), a sea bay extended far inland. Where farmland now stands there was once water with the shore line along the higher presently forest covered ground. It was a good place to live. The Bronze Age is a bygone time, but not completely gone; traces of the people remain. There are many finds that reflect their wishes and beliefs – pictures from the Bronze Age – rock carvings. The carvings face what was once the sea. Ships heading toward unknown destinations, cup marks and footprints ‘stamped’ deep in the rock surface. There are also burial cairns and remains of home sites. Despite the millennia that have passed, the Bronze Age can be seen.

The rock carvings on this 300 meter trail were carved when the height was an island in a sea bay. The symbols were used in Bronze Age religion and only a small section of society represented the ‘proprietors’. The footprints for example are thought to symbolize an “unseen deity”.

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