Terii’s Cycling Babble

February 11, 2014, 9:11 am
Filed under: Day Rides, Misc

I truly need to shake off this cloud of ‘Ehhh’ that surrounds my cycling of late. Only one ride in February so far and that just a River Loop.

The weather has been very mild. We had a couple of weeks of snow. Our last snow fall was an impressive 8+ inches in roughly 5 hours. Early the next morning though, the temp went up and so began days of 36-39 F and rain. Farewell to all the snow except for a few plow piles that are as much crushed gravel as they are snow. It’s kept the streets and paths clear which would be great for riding without worry of studded tires, but for the rain.

I need to build up my strength for any hope of a tour or four this year. I’m hoping that blogging about this will give me the kick in the rump I need.

As for Loke, the dietary setbacks continue. This week it was walking at night and discovering someone had scattered french fries on the sidewalk. Loke gulped at least one. Three days after that, on a walk with Jens, he got his teeth into the glop that was rain soaked bread. Since it required no chewing, he swallowed most of it before Jens pried his jaws open to scoop out what he could. The joys of urban living with a husky who’s wildly determined to eat everything he’s allergic to. Short of walking him the way someone displaying a Westminster pedigree animal at show (leash under the jaw, head high at maximum), it’s nearly impossible to keep him from finding people’s careless castoffs. Walking Loke like that would freak him out and exhaust me and my back in less than 200 yards.

Before those two set backs, Loke was wedged on the floor between couch and coffee table, twisted on his back and pawing at my arm to keep rubbing his tummy. During one such bid for my attention to resume the belly rub, I looked down at him to grin. Wouldn’t you know it? His tummy was almost white! If the dermatologist hadn’t told me that’s how it should be, I would have frowned at the sight of it and wondered if the furball was anemic. Instead, I smiled at the thought we might be making progress.

I really should get a close look at it after his indiscretions of french fry and bread.

On the 14th, Loke has another appointment with the nice Finnish doggie dermatologist, in Uppsala this time thankfully. No need to brace the chaos that is Stockholm’s streets.

Also, the woman I befriended in England while on the train leaving Falmouth will be visiting her brother who lives not far from Enköping. We’re going to make an attempt to get together that day! That should be fun!


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