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December 29, 2013, 2:19 pm
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Got a few miles in today and I do mean ‘few’.

In the murky dark of a Swedish winter morning at 6 am, I went to the gym. Yesterday’s forecast had been for rain today. Though it was precipitation free at that time, it was impossible to see whether the sky was clear or cloudy. So, in anticipation of the rain, I bullied myself to the gym where I did a fairly vigorous workout.

At a bit after 8:15, I glanced out the window and saw what looked to be an honest to goodness sunrise. Quite a shock after so much gray. Most of our daybreaks this winter have been a gradual lightening of the dreary gloom. I opened a window to stick my head out to double check. Truly clear skies. I bounced over to the thermometer for the temp. 35 F.

Drat it all. Too cold to go without my bullet-proof thermals. I forced myself to again look through every nook and cranny in the apartment. The idea that perhaps my precious heavy cycle base-layer was lost in the depths of Belgium, France or Germany crossed my mind. Sometimes when packing, I stuff things like socks and thermals into one of my dry sacks. Perhaps it had gotten carried down to the basement in a cleaning frenzy a couple weeks ago? Off I went into the bowls of the building in a last ditch effort spurred by dying hope.

I opened the door down there and… wouldn’t you know it. There were the tights sitting right on top of an Ikea bag full of Jens’ fishing waders and such. Would have saved myself a week or more of aggravation if it had occurred to me earlier.

Sunshine - Rare as snow this winter. :P

Sunshine – Rare as snow this winter. 😛

Thrilled I wouldn’t freeze to death if I dared ride, I launched into gear. I was determined to go out and enjoy a clear day. So, I did my ‘dressing in winter cycle gear’ wiggle dance around the apartment.

Loke was completely disinterested in my antics. Jens on the other hand piped up with, ‘Take Loke for a short run?’ *sigh*

I cringe at the thought. Just seems as if I’m slowly crippling my dog. Often, I feel that Jens believes I’m paranoid or exaggerating. Still, I got his harness. Loke didn’t respond much. I had to tell him to get up so I could slip it on. At least he still picked up his right leg to help.

The furball was quiet as I pulled on gloves and turned on the GPS. Once I sat down, he pulled a little and gave a soft yodel. Once I released the brake, he lunged and off we went.

Loke wanted to run strong, but I kept us to about 12 mph at most. He pulled for more, but I wouldn’t budge, trying to keep down the impact on his joints.

The sunlight was glorious, even though the angles are so low at this time of year. Still that wonderful red-gold gleam would dapple and flicker at us between the buildings and the sky was a blue dome arching above. At my side, the husky was happy.

Happy or not, I was going to keep his outing under 5 miles. Good thing. Around mile 2.5, he started limping significantly. We slowed and I nursed him home for a total of 3.95 miles.

Bringing him, I watched as he drank a little and tried to settle down. He spun in a circle a few times and started to ease into a lay, but half-way down, pulled back up like the motion hurt. On the third try, he finally oozed to the floor with a groan. I promptly filled a needle-less syringe with a dose of his pain medication which he rarely needs.

That done, I bolted out the door for a few more miles. With the 3.95 miles added in, I still needed roughly 23 miles for a 1000 for the year. The miles I planned, to, around and from the city forest, didn’t happen.

My legs hurt! The muscles in my thighs were on fire and weak. The pre-dawn workout left its mark and the ride with Loke added to it. The few minutes I spent making Loke more comfortable somehow made the pain worse. It often works that way for me. I start walking or cycling and as long as I keep moving, stopping only for extremely brief moments for traffic needs, I do better. If I’d simply gone out for a single ride without Loke, I probably could have managed 10 miles or more.

As it was, I crawled the trike home with just 2.87 miles more. I wobbled up the stairs after managing to get it back in the car.

20 miles short of 1000. Unless the last 2 days of the year turn out to be as gorgeous as today and my legs significantly improve over night, I won’t be getting those last few miles. Even if the weather does hold, I’m not sure I can do it. I am hoping to get another ride in though. One with churches and rumored carvings!

Fingers crossed for that. Soon, it will be time for the year totals!



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