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Christmas Ups and Downs
December 26, 2013, 4:02 pm
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This Christmas hasn’t been the worst, but it has been a bit of a roller coaster.

I woke all excited on the 20th. Loke going to see the dermatologist at 10 am so maybe we could begin work on healing his feet and perhaps he wouldn’t need the cortisone any longer. The landline phone rang at 8:30. The first thought as I reached for it was, ‘I hope it’s not the vet canceling’. When the woman asked for Jens, I breathed a sigh of relief while handing the phone over.

Jens hung up as I came out dressed for the day. Turned out it was the animal hospital calling to cancel. The vet had a bad cold and no voice. They offered another date on Jan 17th which Jens took.

Upset and disappointed approaches how bad I felt at the cancel. I hate this feeling that we’re just struggling to maintain keeping the skin in one piece rather than being able to completely clear it up. It feels like dancing on the edge of a razor between keeping Loke from limping or his feet dissolving into goo.

Another thing they recommended was making an appointment at the clinic in Stockholm where the dermatologist is based. That’s part of the difficulty of getting a time with one in Uppsala. They only visit from Stockholm to Uppsala once a week. So, after 2 days of trying to do that with the whole Christmas craziness, we finally got a call back.

I explained to the receptionist the issue. With the appointment on the 17th, she recommended a compromise. There’s a vet at the clinic who is interning to be a dermatologist. Loke can see her on the 2nd and she can consult with the experts which is an improvement on the general vets we’ve been seeing can do. She can contact them more quickly and get more detailed answers as it’s part of her education.

Desperate, I took that appointment and kept the one one 17th as a follow up with the ‘premier animal dermatologist’ in the country.

So, on the foot front, that’s how things stand with Loke. A bit of a bummer and dragging out.

Have I mentioned that I’m also spending the first 3 months of next year recovering from a succession of dental extractions? That’s a dark cloud over my head as well. Ah well.

The weather here continues to be freakish. While we might not have set any record high’s for this month, it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if this is the warmest December on average. Most days (and nights) have stayed above freezing. One day a week or so ago, we were in the 50’s. It would be great for grinding out mileage without worry of studs and freezing gears, but for the near constant rain.

So, around 8:30 when I looked out the window and saw what appeared to be clear skies, I launched into hyperdrive to plan a route somewhere new and photo-worthy.

Sadly, it didn’t happen. While beginning the motions of getting dressed, I couldn’t find my bullet proof thermal tights. I ended up tearing the apartment to bits and putting it back in a desperate search. By the time it was over, still no heavy wool protection and too much time had passed. So, I decided to just do a river loop and see how Loke did. Since the cancelation and rescheduling with the vet stuff, Loke’s feet have improved.

4.67 miles. Loke did pretty good. A little stiff in the hind, but his front feet were fine. Even if it was the river loop for the countless time this year, it felt good to go out. 41 F and chill, but no real wind and the sun had disappeared behind clouds.

Still leaves me with 27 miles to reach 1000 for the year, but I don’t think it will happen. Monday is supposed to be clear though and if Jens works for home, I’ll take the planned ride. Provided I have enough wool to not freeze to death without my 400 g wool.



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