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I Tried!
December 16, 2013, 9:55 am
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To go for a ride that is. The plan was to take Loke for a short run and then sneak out for a longer one on my own. The bad front feet threw a wrench into my careful plotting.

I put the socks on to protect the raw flesh of the front feet, but they came right off… twice in less than 100 yards. Short of maybe wrapping the entire socks and legs in tape, it didn’t look they would stay on he was pulling so hard. So, tried going without them and he limped pretty badly. So, less than a quarter mile and we were back at the apartment.

I parked the trike in back, locked to the picnic table rather than putting it under our balcony. It’s dry and out of sight under the floor of the little outdoor space, but it can be noisy to pull out which would alert Loke to certain goings-on. Secured, I took the fuzzy one for as long a walk as I could manage in my cycle shoes.

Done with the walk, I gave him his green ball full of kibble, said ‘I’ll be back’ and felt almost giddy at the thought of a ride after so long. Before I reached the bottom door to leave the building, it rang through the stair-well, nice and loud even with the inner door closed. Loke howling. He was even scratching at the door. No fooling him this time it seemed.

So, I gave up on the idea of a ride. Went back in to get the furball so he could stand beside the car as I put everything away.

Since that failed attempt, there’s been no real improvement in Loke’s feet and no chance to escape without him. Jens left for his yearly convention in Las Vegas and won’t be back until later this week. My knees are quite unhappy with the sheer amount of walking I’ve had to do. I miss being able to cycle with the fuzzy one.

The weather has been a crazy roller coaster. We had another good, hard cold snap with a forecast of a severe winter storm on the way. We had a couple days warning. It hit an area Jens and I vacationed at. An old copper mine located in the highest area of the region had little weather station. The wind gauge was ripped clean off by record winds. Hurricane force at the very least.

It arrived… but a day late and not nearly as bad as we’d been warned. Yes, it was windy but not the hurricane force gusts and we got quite a bit of snow. Admittedly, it was a little difficult to figure out exactly how much snow as the winds had left some places scoured clear while piling it into 2 foot drifts in others. The wind died by the next morning, but it snowed on the following day.

3 days after that, it was all gone. The temperature jumped from the mid-20’s to upper 30’s or low 40’s. Just a few lingering drifts in shady places and a couple of plow-piles here or there.

2 days ago, we had another temperature drop to all of 32 F and a pretty good snow fall blew down. In about 4 hours, we had about 2 inches of fluffy white. It didn’t even make it to the evening. By 5 pm it was in the 40’s and drizzling. Not a trace of the snow left.

Except for the rain, it would be great for mileage. If Loke would let me escape.

And to think… the Middle East got snow and this part of Sweden can’t even hold on to it.

Good news, rather than wait (and hope they remembered) for the people at the animal hospital to call me when they had the January schedule for appointments with the skin specialists, I rang them. It appears there was a cancellation and we took the December 20th slot. Here’s hoping a doggie dermatologist can help clear this up and figure out the triggers so Loke will have no more (or fewer) outbreaks.

The vet clinic across town has been great in trying to nurse us along until Loke gets in to the specialists. Needing more food for the furry one, one of the vet techs asked me to wait a moment and discussed new products that she thinks might help as well. Some, I already use, but a couple others might work with what I already have to improve Loke’s condition. Bless her, she really seems to have put a lot of research into the problem, even asking the vets there about it. It means getting a little bit of help for free and products that don’t require a prescription.

I’m already anticipating the solstice. My usual giddy glee at the lengthening days. It’s a bit tempered what with Loke’s problems which restrict my cycling. Any attempted tours I can do only if Jens is home to keep him company. Still, it means a new year and fresh possibilities. Maybe this time I can get out and do at least ONE tour.

It’s a bit odd how I feel 2013 was ‘a complete bust’. Okay, so I didn’t get out on even a single overnight tour. But what I did accomplish! 970 miles! That makes it the 2nd best mileage year since 2008, leaving last year’s mileage in the dust by 160+ miles! How is that a bust?

Nyhavn - The prettier side

Nyhavn  in Copenhagen!

Grønsalen Long Barrow

Grønsalen Long Barrow in Denmark

I cycled in Denmark! Not just the countryside, but in Copenhagen where Loke and I were a tourist sensation! Okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but I’m sure a few hundred photos of us were taken that day. Maybe even more than when our little family visited Nordkapp in Norway a few years ago! I crawled into ancient burial mounds with impressive passages and chambers built right in as I pedaled from one to the next. I climbed onto a 100 yard long, flat topped barrow over 5,000 years old.

Can you tell I love this view?

Bruges – A canal and the Belfrey

So, I didn’t get to cycle around France or Germany, but I did roll through Bruges as well as the countryside between there and the little village of Damme!

I need to clear the negativity from my head and appreciate what I did accomplish this year rather than dwell on what I didn’t. Maybe a philosophy I should adopt for more than what involves 3 wheels and pedals.

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