Terii’s Cycling Babble

December 10, 2013, 8:38 pm
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Yes, I’ve been quiet over here. Honestly, I’ve not been riding at all. The trike has been languish in the car as I’ve focused my energies on dealing with the stresses that have flown my way.

I have to admit, it’s been a bit of a waste. The weather has been insanely mild. There was one cold snap hard enough to put a thin skin of ice completely over the river, but it broke with a return of rain and even some sunny mild days. It was so unseasonable, every time I mentioned the date, I kept saying ‘September’ all through November and even the first few days of December in spite of how short the days are. I could have really spun out the miles, but…

My heart just wasn’t in it. Loke’s had another episode of the foot thing and this one is annoying persistent. It didn’t respond to antibiotics. He’s on cortisone now, but it’s barely keeping whatever it is at bay. A scraping taken from the problem area showed no worrying levels of bacteria or fungus, yet the skin persists in being angry red and a little raw looking. Trying to make an appointment with a dermatologist has turned into a huge headache. I’ll have to try calling again tomorrow, keeping my fingers crossed that I can get the furball in to see one before March or something silly like that. Trying to keep Loke’s feet from turning to goo in the mean time.

The infection or whatever it is makes me reluctant to take him out with the trike where he’s pounding hard at made charge while pulling with all his might. I’m not sure what it could do to the fragile skin. And of course, the cortisone means he needs to go out quit often, so no disappearing for 2 – 4 hours for a good ride.

All this has driven home the fact that I truly need to disentangle Loke’s connection with the trike in my mind. He’s been so much a part of it for these years. He’s been wonderful company. Sometimes frustrating, but most often he’s the difference between just covering miles or smiling and laughing over them. But I think the years of constant infections and treatments, the surgery and now the creeping arthritis has taken its toll. It’s time for him to take it easy. No more runs of 20-30 or 40 miles. It breaks my heart.

I need to accept that the rides off the River Loop will be solo for now on. It’s hard and feels like a betrayal to Loke somehow.

Throw in the stress an anxiety that the first three months of next year will be spent having 6 teeth removed. I’m still moderately phobic of dentists and just hate the thought of losing the teeth. Well, 2 of them any way. 4 are going to be wisdom teeth. The other 2 are ones that my wisdom teeth have damaged.

So, all my energy is poured into worrying about Loke and the dental surgeries. Trying to keep from stressing over that takes a lot out of me. It makes the idea of wrestling on layers of wool and Lycra and then assembling the trike for a 5 mile ride feel exhausting. So, the days slide by with 30 miles to break 1000 for the year. I just don’t have the heart for it.

So, that’s how things stand


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