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Brief Update
November 7, 2013, 10:16 am
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It took me way too long to finish the last post of our September trip, but as the frequency of the rides took a nose-dive, it felt less urgent to blog.

Most of October was spent with what was either a persistent cold or a series of cursed hacking coughs with congestion. Seems every morning I woke unable to breathe, with gritty eyes and a sore throat. Some days I had feverish episodes. Through it all I felt drained and sleepy.

The weather wasn’t helpful either. Out of the entire last month, I think we had less than 5 days with more than an hour’s worth of sunshine. Three of those were absolutely glorious days of clear skies and mild temperatures I was too sick to take advantage of. Except for the first few days after we arrived home from our trip, we’ve had no frost or freeze. Just rain and rain and rain. I’m surprised Uppsala hasn’t started sinking into a sucking morass of mud. For the entire month of October, between chill, wet days or hacking cough, I managed just 4 rides.

November isn’t shaping up much better. The weather remains freakishly warm with nights in the 40’s or maybe dipping into the high 30’s. Yesterday was the first time I’ve seen sun in a week and then only for 20 minutes or so. Admittedly, in spite of the dense clouds, it remained mostly rain free so I actually got a ride in for the 2nd in the month. Just a river loop with Loke, but miles are miles.

Loke’s health is somewhat mixed. Most rides I’ve done since our return, he does these strange little hops or other odd movements, I think involve arthritis. On walks, there’s no such peculiarities. I think it might be something to do with his dragging on the trike during the first mile or so, especially the crazy dash right at the start. A few times, he’s acted a bit stiff in the hind end after a run which makes me keep his outings to less than 10 km (6-ish miles).

Last week, the infection also returned to his foot. The treatment with an antibiotic specific to skin conditions doesn’t seem to be doing much, so we may be heading back to the vet.

In spite of the crap weather (wish it would get cold enough to go from rain to snow!), I will break 1000 miles for the year. Only 50 left.

While there have been some amazing moments this year, I’m really hoping next is better. I never even got close to doing a tour. The greater majority of the 100+ rides of the year have been river loops due to Loke’s health or access to the car. So, yes, even though there’s still just a smidge under 2 months left in the year, I’m keeping fingers crossed for a better 2014.


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