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Homeward Bound And More Fog
October 10, 2013, 5:20 am
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For September 22 – Begun September 23

Took a little convincing and reassurance to get Jens to agree to head home. He admitted that he was longing for Uppsala too, but didn’t want me to miss out Carcassonne since I’d been eager to see the place for years. There was no way I had the endurance to leap into walking around the walled town in just half a day’s more rest.

The fog had returned over the night and stubbornly lingered so I wouldn’t have gone for a early morning even had I the strength to pedal up a hill.

Any thought of trying to get tickets to one of the caves with paintings was squashed by further research into obtaining them as I mentioned before.

So, around 8 am, we were checking out and heading to the little cafe that opened early enough for us to have coffee, croissants and orange juice. This time, I managed to scrape together enough French to try ordering it. It would have worked except Swedish kept throwing itself in randomly. Jens was laughing at me, “NOW you can speak Swedish.”

I was a touch sad to be leaving the Les Eyzies area. The time there had been wonderful and fun. I didn’t regret not getting the chance to cycle. The days had been too full and fascinating for any such negative emotions. And it all was stuff I never would have been able to explore as thoroughly with the trike to worry about.

Climbing above the mist

Climbing above the mist

We climbed out of the area around Les Eyzies and broke through the fog into a world of sunlight and blue skies. The way the mists hung in the lower valleys and dales was stunning and the Canon clicked every chance I spotted. We were going too fast (highways) with no place to pull over so not so many photos and quite a few of them were snapped through a bug streaked windscreen.

This is an 'Ecoduct'

This is an ‘Ecoduct’

As we zipped along, Jens and I discussed what routes to take. Did we want to go into Luxembourg? Jens also wanted to know how far away was Munich, but it was waaaay out of the most direct route. We also toyed with the idea of Berlin. Or anything else we might want to see.

Something caught my attention while looking at the maps. The Black Forest.

I’ve not researched much into the different regions of Germany over the years. What little I have done, the Black Forest was one section that did catch my attention. Early indications had been that the place is covered in cycle routes which always intrigues me. Cycle routes and ‘forest’ combined will always make me go, ‘Hmmmm.’ Not to mention the recipe I found for the cherry fudge (which I still tease Jens about) is called ‘Black Forest Fudge’.



Why do I tease my husband about fudge? For years, Jens and I had only passingly known each other. Maybe 6 conversations in 4 years. Then one day, I sent a childhood friend of Jens’ and the friend’s girlfriend some of my Black Forest fudge. He invited Jens over for pizza and a football (soccer to Americans) match and shared some of the fudge with Jens. The next thing I knew, Jens was talking with me over Messenger, e-mails. We became very good friends and then… well, the rest is history.

Today is scenery day!

Today is scenery day!

So, to this day, I still tease it was the fudge Jens fell for. Goofy, but it still makes me smile. It makes Jens roll his eyes and kiss me to shush me.

Any-hooo. I saw that and asked Jens if we could maybe stop there for the night. By the time we reached it, we’d have been on the road for 8 hours or more.

Jens was surprised at my interest as I’d never mentioned it except in brief passing when we were still unsettled about what this vacation was going to be. When it first came up, Jens said ‘Tuscany!’ and I said, “South Germany, maybe Black Forest!’

I loved the light rays cutting across the mountains

I loved the light rays beaming across the mountains

At a rest stop, I showed him the area on the map. We were going to be passing fairly close to it any way. Less than an hour out of our way to get to the smaller roads which might offer a scenic region. While we were very eager to get home there wasn’t any particular rush. With ferries and such, the earliest we’d be home either way was Wednesday. So, Jens said it would be interesting.

After that, I started looking on his phone for hotels during the rare moments we had internet.

One thing I didn’t expect of the Black Forest region was for it to be so mountainous! Okay, it’s not the Alps or the Rockies, but very up and down except along the valley floors between ridges. I realized if I ever was going to ride it I’d need to do some serious building up.

And it was so beautiful! The valleys were cleared for crops and pasture, still green from the summer’s growth. Higher up the flanking slopes were the trees of the forest.

View from our hotel room

View from our hotel room

The hotel I chose for us to check out first almost made Jens walk away. Didn’t take credit cards. Beyond that, he thought it was the best one of the trip. I was less impressed. The bed wasn’t nearly as comfortable as the one at Le Cro-Magnon not to mention it had ‘illusion pillows’ identical to those on the ferry. Huge, gloriously puffy looking, yet flattening to nothing as soon as your head hits them.

After that, we headed back to Titisee, a tiny village sitting on the shores of Titisee Lake which we could actually see from our hotel room window in spite of being 3 miles away. We found a little cafe to eat. I had bratwurst fried in onions. Jens had schnitzel. Then we wandered around briefly, looking through the windows of the closed shops.

Back at the hotel, I struggled with the internet to look for someplace to cycle. Like I’d planned in Salers, I hoped to find a nice stretch of mostly downgrades to go racing along with plenty of gorgeous scenery to stop for photos. I found one not too far away and went to sleep with a sense of anticipation.

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