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Cursed With Fog! » 09-21 be Model of La Madeleine

How la Madeleine Village might have looked at its prime

The ‘main street’ any way.

Info Taken From Guide Book – 17,000 years ago, the first inhabitants moved into the shelters formed in the Madeleine rock. the prehistoric traces here were discovered in 1860 and show the first signs of occupation. The grave of the ‘Child of Madeleine’ was a major discovery. Following the climate and temperature increases of the Neolithic period, the shelter of the Madeleine offered protection to prehistoric farmers. The cliffs provided a secure environment for the people who lived here.

The next discoveries take us to the period of the Gauls and Romans. the occupation of Aquitaine by the romans can be seen in the ruins of Roman villages and a arm close to ‘Petit Marzac’.

The Troglodyte (cave dweller) remains after this bring us up to the 8th century. A solidly built, fortified village can clearly be seen in the first shelter.

Why the cave dwelling existence? For prehistoric man the caves were a natural refuge against predators and cold weather of the times. From the 8th century, Perigord man needed to pretect himself from the raiders of the forests, then Sarrazins, the Vikings and the Normans. Again caves provide the best places for construction because the floors and ceilings were already present. It was simply a matter of closing the entrance. There was no need for large volumes of materials which were difficult to acquire. Habitations of this time were often built with ‘torchis’, a meixture of wood, straw and mud which offered little protection against the dangers present. the best protection was always rock.

The caves had the materials needed. The rock was already in place and wood available at the forest at the foot of the cliffs.

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