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There’s No Place Like Home!
September 26, 2013, 4:18 am
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Truer words were never spoken, written or filmed.

Jens and I arrived home yesterday. My brain was very nearly goo from all the road time even before we arrived home. It felt soooo good to stagger through the door, exhausted. Loke was absolutely thrilled to see us. Usually when I do the ‘Love the Puppy’, he walks over all cute and wiggly. When I did it this time, he bounded into the circle of my arms with an exuberant joy and even licked my face. Licked! Loke isn’t a licking sort of dog except for hands that have something tasty on them. Of course, 5 minutes later it was as if we’d never been gone.

It was a crazy trip with ups and downs of a roller coaster and not all of them were the roads and scenery.

In spite of the face I only went for 1 ride on the entire trip, I’m still going to write about trip and share photos. I’m thinking of the next collection of posts as the ‘Thwarted Rides of Europe’. The rides I wasn’t able to do would have been visually stunning even if profoundly exhausting. If only the fog would have relented earlier in the days!

So, now to work and posts of my 1 ride around the area of Bruges and the others that never were will be coming.

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