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There He Is! » 09-01 h Ekolsunds Slott From East 1c

First view of the manor’s four buildings

There has been an estate in the area since the 1300’s. The first famous person named as sonwer was Magnus Knutsson. During the first half of the 1400’s, Bengt Jönsson (Oxenstierna) owned the place. It came into the possession of Gustav Vasa in 1542 and was often inhabited by various members of the Vasa family. It was the home of Sophia Vasa between 1568 – 1611.

The current manor house was built in the 1600’s when the estate was owned by the Tott Family. Later it was passed back to the crown. In 1716, it was donated to crowned Prince Fredrik (later King Fredrik). It was re-dissolved in 1747 and then given to Prince Gustav who was later crowned Gustav III. He sold it in 1785 to the merchant and ship owner George Seton whose descendants owned Ekolsund until 1912. The manor was purchased by director Carl Kempe who, between 1928 to 1930, restored and modernized the southern building into a residence for his family.

Since 2002, director Raija Axell Ohlin has owned the manor and has continued restoration of the southern building. Today the castle is also partially used to conduct preventative cardiovascular health, risk factor analysis and lifestyle treatments for men and women to prevent and avoid cardiovascular disease. The manor has also been used during the recording of the Swedish version of the Biggest Loser.

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