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July 14, 2013, 2:49 am
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It’s been a mad scramble to plan. I didn’t expect it to be this much work. After all the decision for me to go to Denmark when Jens’ vacation began was spontaneous. It’s amazing how much there was to do when the hubby (and therefore the fuzzy one) decided to come. Yet, we’re down to the wire. In about 4 hours, we’ll head out on the long drive to Copenhagen.

Loke likes the AC in summer.

Loke likes the AC in summer.

Now that worst of the organizing is done, I’m near giddy with anticipation. Just last minute packing is left and we’ll all be piled in the car. I’ll admit to a bit of nervousness about riding in Copenhagen. My few forays into the urban jungle on the trike have been less than fun, but Denmark’s capital city has many parks and the harbor area where I could sit and watch the flow of people.

Loke will be fine. He doesn’t even twitch an ear when cars or even big trucks blast by us close enough to be touched. As long as I remain between him and the big stuff he’s cool with it.

As usual with the cycling vacation trips, I’ll wait until we’re back home to organize everything into the blog. I’ll hopefully have the time and energy to at least write up the rides while things are fresh in my mind. That will leave cropping and sizing the photos to be organized into the text when we’re in Uppsala again. 1 post per day until all the rides are done. Three rides definitely planned with maybe a potential 4th. We’ll see.

Jens is also talking about taking a fishing trip up north before his vacation is over. That could be fun! Another trip like the one to Stor Blåsjön a couple years ago. All about scenery rather than history. Scenery is good, especially when it involves mountains, fast flowing rivers and glassy calm lakes!

Okay, enough of a little babble! I have packing to do! Wheeeee!


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