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Shoulders, Spring & Song
April 14, 2013, 12:02 pm
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It finally happened! The Swedish weather experts finally declared the arrival of meteorological spring! It was announced on the morning news Friday.

I know I’ve been rather quiet on here since the last disastrous ride. I haven’t been riding. For the past 2 weeks, I’d been having increasing discomfort in my neck and shoulders. Waking up several times during the night with my arms numb and neck hurting. The morning of the 10th was almost unbearable. As I struggled with the last post, I noticed that the positions of my arms on the computer keyboard appeared to aggravate it. So did riding the trike.

Jens tried to get me to go see a chiropractor, but I just couldn’t stand the idea. Being very body conscious and quite plump, the idea something so hands on as chiropractic adjustment made me cringe.

So, after finishing the post about the horses, I began a regimen of heating pads on the affected areas, careful stretching, regular doses of anti-inflammatory meds, and avoiding anything that seemed to aggravate the problem. Also I’ve been doing the stretches I was assigned last time I had pain like this.

Sleeping on my back – I’m very much a side sleeper so that has been it’s own merry h*ll. I despise sleeping on my back, but dislike of the pain has been stronger, so I’ve been sucking it up. Sleeping poorly, but at least I awake with feeling in my arms and successively less pain as the days went by.

Staying off the computers – That too has been a nightmare. Most of the things I do to keep myself busy involve a computer. Blogging, reading forums, researching random things that pop into my head or related to my writing or cycle touring, attempting to learn 3D modeling. Even cross-stitch! Of course, cross-stitch even if I printed the pattern wouldn’t have been good for the pain either.

Avoiding Reading – That requires looking down most of the time not to mention holding a book or Kindle puts my arms in roughly the same position as typing or gripping the trike’s steering.

No Riding the Trike – Not much more to say about that.

Added to those new ‘no-nos’ is of course my old difficulty with walking any sort of distance. That left me with sitting upright on the couch with arms and head/neck in neutral position while staring at a TV which had little on to entertain me.

I’ve been so incredibly bored. The only thing that kept me sane were the improvements each day.

Today, I felt pretty good and it was the first pretty day since the announcement of spring came. Out the door Loke and I bolted. Blue skies, 40+ F and little winds. I only took us out on the River Loop for 8.6-ish miles. I didn’t trust spending more time on the trike which could risk a return of the pain. It was a nice ride and Loke appreciated it as much as I did in spite of it being on our ‘Hamster Track’.

Meadow larks are back! It was so great to hear them again. The river is almost completely clear of ice except where it’s managed to cling onto roots and branches in the shade of trees.

Frustratingly, it was only the 4th ride of April and the month almost half done. The 8+ miles tipped me over 51 miles for the month which I guess is fairly respectable considering how few rides. It leaves another 74 miles or so to make the tentative goal I set for the month of 125, comfortably doubling last April’s total. Depending on how I feel tomorrow, I may scoot out for a longer ride. We’ll see. I’m keeping this post quite brief (comparatively) to avoid hurting myself.

Now, off I go to stretch, heat and medicate myself!


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