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Almost Magical » 03-31 i Morkarla Kyrka 2 Pano

Morkarla (not Morloc) Church

This church has a rectangular nave with the vestry to the north and porch to the south. The main body of the church was constructed during the middle ages though the sacristy is older, possibly from the 1200’s or 1300’s. The bare walls consist of natural stone though bricks may have once faced it. The roof is steeply pitched though the whitewashed vestry addition has a broken and hipped roof.

The church’s medieval exterior is well preserved. The windows were enlarged in 1745 and the sacristy’s current ceiling was drafted at conversion in 1778. The interior is characterized mainly by the frescoes, which according to Rhezelius were done in 1584 by Erik Nilsson.
In 1897 the interior was given a Gothic style during restoration under the direction of architect JA Ekholm. The church’s original character was restored as far as possible in 1955-1956 by architect Erik Fant. The east window was walled up from the inside, the painted which had been limed over in 1740 were uncovered and restored.

The oldest inventory is the baptismal font dating from the 1200’s. It’s made of gray sandstone and has a reddish cup of marble.

The alter piece is of Swedish work dating to the mid-1700’s by an unknown craftsman. It depicts Jesus’ last supper before the crucifixion.

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