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Easing Back Into It
March 9, 2013, 3:32 pm
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‘It’ being Loke’s outings with the trike.

The weather here has been stunning lately. Blue skies with little to no clouds and the temperature unable to make up its mind if it’s going to strip away the snows or turn all the melt water pools into slick, bone breaking surfaces. One of our neighbors in our building did that. Slipped and went down wrong on her arm, snapping both bones in her forearm like twigs.

The return of the sun has been a source of frustration. Nothing like staring out at a dome of azure heavens with golden-white sunlight turning the snow into a dazzling display… and only being able to take short walks. The trike’s been calling me, but since Loke can’t be left alone, I’ve mostly just been pining.

After posting on Monday, I strolled down to fill Niclas in on everything that’s been happening. He was utterly flabbergasted and when I was done with all the gory little details, he shook his head and sighed, ‘Only Loke.’ Oddly, Loke was incredibly lovey with Niclas, who’s presence he generally dreads. Maybe after all he’s been through with Nadina and Steena, he realizes Niclas isn’t so bad after all.

The stitches were removed on Tuesday. That was not fun. I had to physically pin Loke down so the vet (not Nadina or Steena) could get them out. She also found a small wound right between the two toes that hadn’t healed and it looked infected which potentially explained why Loke had been limping worse and worse over the previous 2 days. She took a swab of it and prescribed antibiotics.

I’ll admit that I hit a new low then. Two weeks after surgery and Loke still had not completely healed. It meant the timeline Nadina had given for Loke returning to normal activity was not going to happen. It felt as if it was simply going to go on and on. Every hope and expectation I’d allowed myself broken. I felt so utterly hopeless. I allowed myself to let go and have a long, hard cry.

For one day, there was no improvement, but then progress turned around again for the better. The wound dried out and began to heal. Limping all but vanished.

Then his energy levels shot through the roof. He took to crashing around the apartment, spinning and leaping.

Jens worked from home yesterday. Loke was harassing both of us and my knees were too wrecked to take him for a walk. Jens begged me to try a rolling walk since he was available to get us if Loke had any difficulties.

Loke’s limping had been much less and completely unpredictable. I was convinced that his foot is as structurally sound as it’s ever going to be. So… out we went.

He was crazed as I sat down in the seat and pulled on  my gloves. He yodeled, barked and howled while he bounced and heaved at the tether. At one point, he even twisted to bite at the bar as if blaming it for my being slow.

We went off like shot in spite of my best attempts to temper the pace. In the first 100 yards, Loke limped raggedly, even going on 3 legs for a few steps. I almost turned back, but given Loke’s behavior in the apartment, I thought it best if I got him around the block at least. Give him a chance to answer nature’s call if nothing else.

Within the next 100 yards, the limp vanished and remained absent when we came to the turn which would make a loop of a block. I decided to go on a little more. The sun was shining and the skies blue. By the time we reached the school, Loke settled somewhat. Not pulling so much. The limp appeared every now again and studying the furball as he went, I finally could see a slight ‘hitch’ in his steps even when he wasn’t limping.

His stride didn’t change and he didn’t go back to a 3 legged hobble again.

I gave Loke the absolutely most basic River Loop. We returned home with 2.95 miles. Coming in from the run, Loke climbed the stairs and pranced into the apartment like any normal husky with all his toes.

He flopped down into his pillow and slept like a log. That was a little sad really. Less than 3 miles and he contently sleeping. 6 weeks ago, 15 miles wasn’t even enough to take the smallest sliver off his energy levels. He would still have been trying to bully us out the door.

This morning, Loke still had no bad affects from his outing yesterday. It turned into another glorious day.

I can’t remember the last time we had so much. I think we’ve had 2 cloudy days in 3 weeks. So much sun hasn’t been seen in maybe 8 months or more.

So, out the door we went again today! Loke limped less than he did the first time. Once I was certain of his soundness, I noticed that Loke isn’t pulling as much. Once the first crazy dash is over any way. It was also obvious that his stride is shorter. Before this episode with the torn ligament and tumor in his toe, even at a trot, Loke would stretch his stride to the utmost, wringing out every inch of distance for each pace. Now, it’s less so, though he’s not quite mincing.

Today’s run was 4.39 miles under blue skies though we didn’t get much sun. It seemed we had a cloud shadowing us the entire distance. Still a lovely outing. Loke seemed less wearied this time than from the 3 miles yesterday. If he continues to build up stamina that quickly, I’ll be quite happy.

So, there it is. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few days or weeks, but I’m going to do what I can for both us.

Oh! I should also mention that with today’s little outing, I broke Jan/Feb/March 2012’s total. Not that much of an accomplishment since I only lacked 4 or 5 miles to do it back on Jan 31st.

No mileage at all in all of Feb.

Fingers crossed we’re set for more mileage to come.

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