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The Results Are In
March 4, 2013, 9:57 am
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Partially any way.

About an hour after my last post, Nadina called to tell me the results of the tests done on the removed toe.

The fungus still refused to grow so the lab was going to work on that some more.

The bone changes turned out to be a tumorous growth originating at the phalange’s tip where it meets the toe-nail.

The good news about the tumor – it’s benign.

The bad news about the tumor – a virus caused the cellular changes which produced the tumor.

Yep. A virus. Barring any confusion via language barriers, Nadina said that it likely reached the bone via the toe-nail. For all we know, the virus may yet be lurking in the nail of another toe on another foot. Or even deeper in the foot now lacking the toe. Potentially worst of all, floating around in his system to potentially cause problems else where on another day.

At least now we know. We know why the bone was changing. We know it was the right thing to remove the toe even if we originally did it because of increased swelling and sensitivity along with worries of the mystery fungus as much because of concerns about the bone.

The fact that a virus caused it still means some concern. It could all link back to Loke’s allergy compromised immune system. If it were possible for me to be more watchful of his diet than I already am, I would be. Just have to try our best to keep him away from the naughty foods to keep his immune system strong and hope for the best.

Tomorrow, Loke and I go to get his stitches removed.

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