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A Source of Amusement For Murphy
March 4, 2013, 6:33 am
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I really do wonder about the reality of Murphy and whether there’s some kind of cosmic awareness that delights in watching people run afoul of his laws. I remember hearing once another side of the ‘Anything that can go wrong, will’ and it seems to be true in regards to this past weekend. ‘If nothing can go wrong… something will’.

At least it seems to have been a minor thing, but it still threw me into a frenzy of worry.

Loke’s foot had been doing so well. Except for a couple spots in the empty space between his remaining toes, the incisions have mostly healed. Those not quite healed spots that linger I think are just aggravated every time he walks in snow. Particularly the porous, crunchy mass that the snow cover has become thanks to cycles of freeze/thaw with a helping of rain thrown in. I’ve stepped in it a few times and when I break through the ice cover on top, my pant leg gets pushed up and, above my sock, it feels like getting swiped with the largest grained sandpaper possible. Painful. Yet Loke seems determined to go frolicking through it, never mind what it’s doing to not quite healed flesh.

For several days, he’d also been limp free. I started to feel a bit of hope – that just maybe this whole ordeal is over for the moment, barring the biopsy results on the toe.

I guess the infamous ‘Murphy’ decided to crush that idea.

Friday I woke up and went yawning to the kitchen to prepare the first dose of the last 3 of Loke’s medication for the day. Loke heard me and emerged, licking his chops for the delightful pieces of meat he gets. The pills hidden in them are completely irrelevant.

I fed him the first one and waited for him to swallow it. Tail wagging he sat pretty, waiting for the second. I frowned at his foot. It didn’t look right. Blinking to clear my sleep bleary eyes, I lifted it for a closer look. The last remaining ‘middle toe’ which is now the critical weight bearing structure of his foot was swollen to twice it’s normal size. The delicate new scar tissue and stitches were strained and even his nail partially hidden.

I just about had a break down then and there. Loke desperately needs that toe. If something happens to it, the foot becomes useless. The two outside and much smaller toes simply cannot bear the weight and impact of walking, let alone running. That toe goes, the leg will have to go with it.

Jens was supposed to have the car for the day, but upon seeing the swelling which had been non-existent the night before, I bullied my husband out the door to drive him to Stockholm for work. I arrived at the vet clinic around 8:30.

As Loke jumped out of the car, I could see the swelling had… reduced! Significantly.

Nadina wasn’t in, but the other vet who works there was more than willing to see us in between surgeries. We had about a 20 minute wait for her to finish with the first operation of the day and by the time she called us into an exam room, the toe looked better still.

When I described what had happened, how quickly it was disappearing and the fact Loke wasn’t limping, she was baffled. She fiddled with the toe some and could only conclude that it had been lymph fluid though why it had come and gone so quickly was a mystery. After asking about his meds, she decided I should continue with anti-inflammatory medicines at least another week though she gave me a prescription for another sort – one that will be a bit easier on Loke’s tummy.

Other than that, she was quite impressed with how cleanly and well it was healing.

Loke’s been limping a bit more since the incident though it might just be the difficult terrain. Gravel, crunchy snow packs, mounds in the way of everything he wants to mark.

I still feel wary and on edge. I want this over. I desperately need to be able to ride with Loke again. He’s been going a bit crazy with just walkies… and walkies are steadily breaking me down. My knees and ankles are a near constant bother right now.

Beyond that basic need for ‘pain free’ doggie outings, I just miss riding with Loke…


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