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Steady Improvement
February 23, 2013, 6:56 am
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Evening of the 21st rolled around and it was time to remove the bandage.

I dreaded it. What lay under that thick bundle of cotton padding, gauze and stretchy animal bandage? Loke was past ready for it to come off. He’d started trying to walk on it in spite of how awkward it was. I think the rest of him was just too tired to keep limping. He even took to hobbling in my wake. Every time I’d stop, he’d bump me with the foot until I looked at him. Then he’d glance between the wrapping and my face before holding it up.

That’s how Loke’s always been. Very much a ‘my humans will help me’ kind of dog. Even when he was a puppy. Giving him a kong was useless. He’d nose at it, bat it around, chew and lick for 5 minutes or so. Then he’d bring it over to be dropped in my lap, glancing between it and my eyes and wagging his tail expectantly for me to get the good stuff out for him. If I didn’t, he’d mope, but not bother with it any more. If he gets tangled in his leash, he stops and waits patiently to be freed.

Finally I made him lay down and started undoing it all.

The foot looked bizarre, but not nearly as horrible as I expected. The toe-nails of the remaining 3 toes looked huge because all the hair had been shaved away, making it all look quite alien. Or maybe more like the foot of a two-legged predatory dinosaur. Obviously it was red and a little swollen and stitches every which way, but bearable. I found it easier to look at than I had the twisted, bent digit.

Otherwise, Loke’s recovery has been rather smooth and apparently non-traumatic for both of us. Most of his limping has been done in the apartment. The first evening and day, he barely put the foot down inside. I felt sorry for him, watching him try to figure out how to lay down without using the foot.

Figuring out a way to keep the wounds out of the elements when going outside has been a bit of a challenge. Nadina didn’t seem to think it would need it, but when I saw the stitches and extent of the cuts, I couldn’t bring myself to let him tromp through snow and ice and who knows what else.

On his walks, Loke did better. I guess because he gets so distracted with sniffing and such. The first day without the bandage, he limped a bit with the bag/human sock arrangement around his foot. Yesterday, we took a very slow half mile walk and he did just fine, hardly a noticeable limp at all. If I hadn’t restrained him, he’d have been scrambling up and down the snow mounds and trotting/bounding to the end of his flexi-leash as if nothing had happened. Of course, as soon as we were back inside, he hobbled around for about 15 minutes, keeping his foot up.

He’s been strangely cuddly too. Coming over when I’m stretched out on the couch writing or the like. When I put a hand on him to pat him, he gives a little hop as if trying to be helpful about being lifted on the couch. I accommodated him, settling him around my legs. Yesterday, he slept for 3 hours like what while I used him for a lap desk to keep writing with the occasional pauses to stroke his fur.

This morning, he’s starting to get back to himself again. Pushy and demanding for more than walkies. Jens and I were awake for less than 5 minutes before he was trying to bully Jens. Even was pawing at him… with his ‘bad’ foot!

Yet, we still have at least another 11 days before Nadina clears him for normal activity. She did say two weeks after all. I have a feeling Loke’s going to make those days an increasing challenge for Jens and I. Still, I’d rather have him be a PITA, ready to hit the ground running, then sluggish and indifferent with potentially something wrong! I refuse to rush it though. I’d rather be cautious for another 2 weeks than impatiently start him early and be unable to run him 6 months from now!



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