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February 4, 2013, 4:18 am
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I forgot to mention it on the last post, but my Hotronic foot warmers arrived!

They actually came in last Wednesday and I picked them up around 5 pm when Jens and I went shopping for dinner. Thinking there’d be no ride on Thursday, I didn’t rush to get them installed into my shoes. Later Wednesday night, when I found that Jens had arranged for his parents to puppy sit, it turned out the batteries needed an uninterrupted 24-72 hour ‘conditioning’ charge. They would only have had 12 hours. Given that the batteries were 80% of the cost, I wasn’t going to fudge on it.

Hotronic Foot Warmers

Hotronic Foot Warmers

Then with the paw drama continuing, I’ve been down and fairly lethargic. Yet yesterday morning, I started work on installing them. The set came with insoles which provided indentations for the heating element and the flat cable to run back to the heel. I carefully trimmed the soles to size and put everything in place. I even plugged it in to make sure it worked. It took just a few seconds before my fingers could feel warmth.

The diagrams for installing them showed it for ski boots and cutting a slit in the heel to pass the wires out. No how was I going to cutting into my cycle shoes! I’ll just have to hope that the wires don’t give me blisters.

Another half hour was spent trying to figure out how on earth to mount it! The cable is about 1 foot long. Finally I figured out I can actually clip it to the front of my shoe. Just fasten it to my laces. It’s out of the way and yet accessible. I guess if I’d been thinking, I would have also ordered the extension cables to I could run the wires up my tights and clip the batteries to the waist. Ah well. Hindsight and all that.

Once they were installed, I just lost energy. Poor sleep and stress are taking it right out of me. Pulling on all the layers, and taking a bunch of stuff out of the car just so I could reach my trike and then have to put said stuff back in before I could even start assembling? Ugh. I just didn’t have it in me.

This morning I awoke to an array of cold symptoms. That was probably part of my lethargy yesterday. Today is potentially another trip to the vet. The swelling in the toe doesn’t seem to be improving though the abrasions are healing slowly.



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