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Not A Good Day…
January 29, 2013, 8:35 pm
Filed under: Misc

It started out normal enough except for Jens being in the southern part of Sweden on business. I woke around 5 am and yawned around the apartment, getting my breakfast glass of milk and topping off Loke’s water. I had to get the laundry together for the fun and joy of that particular chore.

7 am, Loke wandered out of the bedroom to watch me lug the wash out of the building. Everything fine.

Things churning away in the laundry room, I came back in and gave Loke some food. As he ate, I thought he was standing a little strange. A short time later, he really was limping around the apartment. Just a slight limp. It was worse by the time I took him out. By 9 pm, he wouldn’t put it to the floor even when he lost his balance trying to walk on 3 legs. Laying down was no improvement either.

I called Niclas’ clinic, but he wasn’t going to be in today though another vet was coming in for the evening walk-in times. Given how quickly the foot had gone from ‘nothing’ to crippling and making him whine I wasn’t going to wait and only end up seeing someone other than Niclas any way. I grabbed the laundry out of the wash room to rush Loke to the clinic that treated his ear.

I had all sorts of unpleasant thoughts dancing around my head. The worst was ‘Bone Cancer’.

I had to wait at the other clinic before they saw me since the vet had just begun surgery when I arrived. She quickly discovered it was just one toe, the same that had turned orange and cracked during one of the episodes with infection in his paws.

X-rays found some abnormality in the bone. Not breakage, but ‘extra’ stuff that shouldn’t be there. I’m not a doctor, but even I could see it wasn’t quite right. She told me it could be just inflammation. She wanted to give Loke a strong anti-inflammatory medication as well as something for pain. If it doesn’t respond, it could very well mean amputating the toe both as a quality of life issue as well as the possibility of it being cancer. She assured me that Loke would be fine without the toe. He wouldn’t even notice and it wouldn’t even slow him down.

I’ll admit it. I cried some. Just the possibility it could be cancer distressed me. Loke’s had enough difficulty. He doesn’t need this… and I don’t want to even consider losing my furry one before he turns 12… Better if he makes it past 15. Certainly not to something as horrible as cancer.

But the panic is gone now. I’m just in ‘resigned’ mode. Deal with it and see what happens over the next couple days. Best case, it responds just fine to the meds and Loke will be running again in a couple weeks since common sense and vet’s orders are ‘No running for a while’. Less best, but acceptable? Loke loses the toe either because the bone doesn’t return to normal or to remove what might be cancer and he lives on happily for another 4 to 7 years. Worst… well, I don’t need to talk on that.

So… here’s hoping for many more happy years with the floppy tongued grin of a white and gray furball at my side.


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