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Drowning in Snow
January 16, 2013, 7:56 pm
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And not precisely in the figurative sense like ‘I’m drowning in bills’. I’ll get to that.

Shortly after the last ride, the temperature took a downward plunge. A few days were 19 F for the high. Definitely too cold for a ride. Another cold decided to pile on top of that. I think Jens brought it back from London. I think London. He’s been traveling so much I have trouble keeping it straight.

I took the opportunity to try working the oil into the cable tube.

The last 2 days were playing with me. They’d edge up into the ‘doable’ range for a ride, but be dark. Enough light finally arrives and the temperature takes a dive.

We had over a foot of snow yesterday. It just kept coming thick and furious. Jens has been insanely busy with work so hasn’t been able to walk Loke the past couple days. Not unless he dragged himself outta the bed at 4 am. So yesterday’s walk fell to me. I toyed with the idea of taking the trike out though it was borderline on temperature, but decided it was just too much trouble. I still felt a little sluggish with the last of the cough and congestion. Wrestling on all the clothes, shoe covers, making 3 trips in and out with trike body, seat, pod bags, and Loke felt like too much trouble. Throw in trying to put the seat on while kneeling in 5 inches of frozen white… definitely not. Instead, I stuffed my feet in shoes, pulled on my gloves and took Loke for a 2.5 mile walk. Odd that felt like less trouble than messing with the trike.

Today, Jens again had to leave for work early. The snow had quit and the temperature couldn’t make up its mind as it bounced up and down. Around 1 pm, I looked and it was around 30 F. I felt healthy and Loke has been bugging me for the past 2 days. Out the door we went.

I expected it to be a hard ride after all that snow and not riding for 4 days. It was a bit of work, but not nearly as bad as I expected. Except for 1 stretch of snow choked road I don’t think had yet been plowed, Loke and I went fairly quickly.

The gears? They kept shifting!

Then about the time I said to myself, ‘Yay! The oil fixed it!’, the cable froze. It lasted twice as long as the last 2 rides, but that just might have been because it was warmer. I wasn’t going to let it cut the ride short though. Loke and I both needed it.

In spite of the snow bogging the paths and roads, I felt so much stronger and fitter than on the rides last week, even those on the roads cleared by the flash thaw. I guess my muscles really needed that 4 days of recovery.

Loke ran like a dog with a mission. He was as thrilled to be running the River Loop and extensions as he would be running in a place he’s never seen before.

Around mile 4, I saw a single snow flake. A few minutes later, another. Less than 5 minutes after seeing that first flake, the sky opened up. The dense snowfall we’d had so much of yesterday had returned. It got very unpleasant.

The thickness and size of the flakes coupled by the angle of the light wind and my forward movement drove the snow right into my face. Every time I inhaled, a handful or three of flakes went right up my nose. I stopped to search my bags for my mask, but it seems I left it at home. Nothing for it but to go onward. All that cold wet going into my sinuses made me breathe in short little gasps though it didn’t really help keep the snow out. I felt like I was inhaling water… drowning.

It did throw my whole system into a sort of uncomfortable tightness. I felt breathless and lightheaded as if I’d never been on the trike before and was trying to win the Tour de France. That sense of fitness had evaporated. Amazing what happens when you force your system out of rhythm.

We made it home, just in time for the snow to stop.

Loke was still full of energy. The 7.3 miles we covered was obviously too little in his mind. He’s been pacing around since with occasional stops to stare at me, wagging his tail hopefully. Much like Loke, I’m not feeling the ride either in spite of pushing through snow! I think we could go for a 25 miler or more.

Makes me giddy!


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