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Litslena Church – iPhone

The original stone church likely dates from the 1100’s and was erected in honor of John the Baptist. Walls from the original Romanesque construction still exist in the northwest corner of the nave.

Around 1300, the church was extended south and east where the Romanesque chancel was replaced by a full, wide, straight finished choir. The vestry was built at the same time. Brick arches were fitted to the nave ceiling sometime during the first half of the 1400’s. Frescos painted during the 3rd quarter of the 1400’s have helped date the vaults to roughly that time. The porch was also built in the 1400’s and fitted with a stellar vault that later collapsed. In the sacristy ceiling, a cross vault with ‘whole stone ribs’ was constructed. At some point during the middle ages, a church tower was constructed and fitted with a high pointed spire.

Sometime around 1690, the tower collapsed. In 1691 the archdiocese rebuilt the tower, but it was pushed over by a strong storm in 1741. Remains of the tower can still be seen against the western wall.

In 1880, the church suffered a violent fire, burning off the roof and the porch arches collapsed. The other vaults withstood the heat.

The oldest inventory in the church is a baptismal font of Uppsvensk sandstone dating from the 1100’s.

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