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700+ Miles!!
October 30, 2012, 2:30 pm
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I did it! It took me a few days longer than I planned because migraines knocked me flat from Saturday lunch and all through Sunday. Monday, I still needed a little time to recover.

Today though, I had Jens carry the trike out. The main reason for it was the fact my knees have been bothering since my return from England. Enough so that I woke up a few times last night because of my tendency to sleep with them deeply bent. All the walking I did in the week before and during my jaunt to Falmouth displeased them apparently. So, I hoped it would be easier to ride the trike than limp around on very short business walks with Loke.

The Autumn Leaves Have Departed!

After the glorious and cold weekend, things warmed a little and the gray returned with the wet. It rained most of this morning and a fair bit of the afternoon before the drizzle died down around 1 pm. Seeing that, I bolted out the door with Loke. Despite his paw infection, he still has a lot of energy and determination to run. I let him do so rather than argue. It was still heavily gray and chill at 41 F. The only wind I had to worry about was what our own speed generated which chilled my toes since I didn’t bother with the shoe-covers.

The ride itself was just the River Loop with a few added zigs and zags to make certain I comfortably pedaled over the 700 mile mark. To add to the murk of leaden skies, the vibrant hues of autumn leaves have fallen to the ground and faded. This is the time I start pining for at least a dusting of snow to alleviate the dreariness of skeletal trees, clouds and grass that will soon be brown. Snow also helps the soon-to-be 19 hour nights seem a little brighter.

In 2009, I cycled for 691 miles. 2010 & 2011, I cycled less than that. It feels good to have broken 700 miles (702) over a total of 79 rides. I even dare to hope I can push it past 800 miles. I’m not going to hold my breath about breaking my best ever total of  1250+ miles though. Not this year at any rate!

This warm fuzzy glow of accomplishment, however minor, feels nice!

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Awesome,Terii! Congratulations.

Comment by Tom

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