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The Time Approaches
October 20, 2012, 8:34 am
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Just a couple days from now, I’ll be on a plane to England. I think Jens is still a bit dazed that I’m going through with the trip. Honestly, once the pressure of keeping other people amused or navigating through London was removed I’m calm about it. 99% of the times I’ve traveled by plane I did so alone. The only time I’ve had company on a flight was the first trip to Falmouth.

I do still have a few nerves about going. It’s possible I always will since my first trip there turned into such a nightmare. Nothing like being locked in an interrogation room and treated like a criminal to give one bad associations about visits to a particular country. The first time I went to England, they apparently decided I was an immigration risk. They came down hard on me, though they KINDLY let me stay a week (instead of the month I’d planned) under tightly controlled circumstances. Even held my passport as hostage. So, yeah. Going to England makes me a bit jumpy. I have this dread that not only will they pitch me back out of the country, but they’d ship me to the US instead of home to Sweden.

I’ve not been riding much so inching over 700 miles for the year stalled briefly.

My ride before last was something of a wonder. The sky was mostly clear and the sun barely clearing the horizon. Frost kissed the ground. I had a brief wish for a truly awesome camera. I was crossing the wooden planked bridge at the perfect time. The sun had just reached the boards and the frost on the wood glittered like a scattering of diamond dust. 5 minutes later and it would have just been wet timber. The picture didn’t come out too well. Nor did the later one with delicate silken strands of spider webs draped over the tops of cut wheat stalks. Thousands of them, all running in the same direction and shimmering as they danced in the soft currents of air.

I rode again yesterday. Just a rolling walk. Yep. Loke is having issues again. He needed his annual rabies booster. While I was there, I remembered hearing a ticking sound from Loke as he panted. It reminded me of the sound I’d heard in birds with respiratory infections. I asked Niclas to take a quick listen. *sigh* He heard something in Loke’s left lung. So, another round of antibiotics. At least this was the longest he’s had between doses since last December.

Yesterday was gray and blustery gray day, but hey! Closer to breaking 700 miles! Loke was half nuts to run and I think he would have set a year’s speed record if I’d let him. He’s refusing to act even remotely unwell. Big appetite, huge amounts of energy.

So, my next post will include my trip to England along with my opinions of the Sprint 26 trike. I’m looking forward to it!

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