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Anundshög (Anund’s Mound)

This area with the tumuli (mounds) and stone ships is a burial field. It is unknown who is buried here, but obviously they were important people – perhaps even several kings.

The large mound, largest in Sweden, is Anundshög. It is 9 meters (29.5 feet) and 64-68 meters in diameter (209 – 223 feet). It has been dated to the late Iron Age between 500-900 AD.

In 1788 brewery workers from Västerås dug in the mound with the intent to plunder. There is no information to indicate any finds as they never reached the burial chamber.

The first archaeological investigation was undertaken in 1998 when exploratory drilling sunk two shafts in the northern and southern parts of the mound.

Evidence was found that the mound had been built on an older settlement site. The bottom layer was clay with a funeral pyre laid on it. Then the whole (hole?) had been covered by a rock mound to a depth of 4.5 meters and 37 meter diameter. That was covered over with a thick layer of earth and sod.

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