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Doggie Robes, Planes, Trains and Trikes
October 2, 2012, 3:04 pm
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The sheer amount of RAIN here has been daunting. I’m sure there have been other times with a lot of rain. I know there was at least one year where the river began running so high you couldn’t have squeezed a paper boat under the downtown bridges. The constant gray and sogginess wears on you, especially as the days get shorter so quickly. The lawn behind our apartment is so saturated it’s as slick as melting ice. The earth gone to mud beneath offers absolutely no purchase for the grass roots. I slipped 3 times while putting the trike together this morning.

Doggie Bath Robe

Most mornings for the past week or more have been dismal with hubby and dog both returning home from the daily walks resembling various drown animals. To keep from killing myself by spending 20 min of furious towel rubbing on Loke, I came up with a way to ‘robe’ him. He endures it with a good amount of patience. No attempts to evade or even struggle out of it once I’ve clipped everything in place. He shakes himself good and hard beneath the absorbent terry cloth and after half an hour or so, I remove it. Viola! Splatter free apartment, mostly dry dog and a mostly pain-free back! Amazing what can be done with a bath towel and a very large document clips.

I’ve been riding, though not frequently. This morning my husband had to leave for a very early appointment so Loke’s morning walk fell to me. So before Jens left with the car, I unloaded the trike and locked it in the back yard. I nearly went down a few times thanks to the quagmire beneath the grass. Not a cheery prospect that. Worrying about hurting my tailbone when it still hasn’t recovered from the first fall a year ago.

Speaking of fall, the autumn colors are peeking out and more so than last years or the year before. It seems the last day or two has tipped a balance though and now leaves are starting to cascade from the trees. That’s a recent development. They were holding fast 3 days or so ago, but today I noticed them scattering down from the limbs and even a few industrious souls already out raking and sweeping.

Today’s ride was fairly miserable. 54 F (12 C) with a dust-fine drizzle. That sort which isn’t even enough to make your clothes feel wet though it speckles eyeglasses with mist and you can feel it on your cheeks. Usually, I’ve only felt something that faint when walking through a very dense fog, but visibility was fine.

Loke and I did a bleah River Loop. Something to get his daily walkies.

I would love if we’d get 3+ days of nicer weather. I’d maybe risk throwing the trailer together with my camping gear and attempting yet another tour. I think it would be pretty miserable pitching a tent on grass covered goo though.

In other news, plans are being made for a trip to England! Falmouth to be exact which is the headquarters of Inspired Cycle Engineering. I’ve managed to get a handle on my discomfort at the idea of going through London since Jens has assured me I can get straight from the airport to train station with just one quick, straight little trip. Falmouth is small enough to not overwhelm this small town girl so I’m all good from there!

I’ve already been in touch with the wonderful people at ICE and they’ve penciled my visit in! Dare I say it? I’m almost giddy with anticipation!

If I wasn’t so wary of my ability to safely drive on the left, I’d risk renting a car once I got to Falmouth so I could explore. That is something I will miss which I got to do last time with Jens. Driving through the English country-side to see anything and everything. Tingatel, Dartmoor, Stonehenge, Sherborne, Berry Pomeroy and others were places we visited last time.

That said, Falmouth sounds as if it has plenty for me to see since I’ll be there for such a short time. Maybe I’ll even be able to catch a bus to the Eden Project! I would love to see that again!

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