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Traffic Jams and New Ground » 09-19 k Runsten Sö 40

Södermanland’s Runestone #SÖ40

Translation – “Hunnäv raised after Gernar, his/her father. He is ended in Tjust. Skamhals cut these runes”

The stone, found in the stones of the tower wall, was moved here in 1959. It is unclear if the if the place-name Tjurst refers to Tystberga in Södermanland or Småland Tjust around Västervik.

One of the carved figures shows a man sitting on a chair. It’s believed to be Gunnar in the snake pit, one of the main characters in the Völsungasaga and brother to Sigurd Fafnesbane. The motif of Gunnar trying to defend himself against the snakes by playing his harp was popular among the contemporary artists. The other figures on the stone could not be interpreted.

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