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Went For A Spin
August 18, 2012, 4:47 am
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Around 11 am yesterday, I called the vet clinic. The British vet tech answered. She gave a glowing report. Loke’s appetite was ravenous. He was highly energetic and an utterly ‘lovely boy’ who was sweet as could be in spite of everything they’d been doing to him. Naturally, he didn’t like being in the recovery cages but when she tried to put him in the outdoor kennel, he ripped through the inner fence and was well on his way through the outer when she went to check on him.

Best of all, he’d stopped ‘squeaking’ as she called it. She admitted he had squeaked and whined all night, so she understood why I’d been sleep deprived. They were going to give me a call around 3 pm to say if they were going to keep him overnight again or send him home.

The call didn’t come at 3, but since the vet tech had mentioned Loke had eaten all the food we’d brought, Jens suggested we drive there with more food since they closed at 4 pm. That way, if they wanted to send him home we’d be there before they locked up or if they were keeping him they’d be able to feed him properly.

We were nearly there when we did get the call around 3:30. They were sending Loke home. It was fairly quiet at the clinic. Until they brought Loke up. The fuzzy one was hysterical with joy. Ears back all as far as they’d go in his cone as he wiggled insanely around Jens and I. He wanted petting and cuddles though he could hardly sit still for them in his delight.

Aside from the Elizabethan collar, Loke had a wrapping of green bandage around part of both front legs. One was where he’d had IV. The other was where they’d put another morphine patch. The first patch had irritated the skin on his belly. Also, he had his tail ‘tethered’ to one of his hind legs. Bandage wrapping midway his tail and right hind leg with about 10-12 inches of loose bandage between. Apparently, being such a happy dog with his tail most often raised like a banner had stretched things in the surgery sight and likely contributed to the stitches ripping. So to keep it from happening again, they tied it down. Looks a little silly, but if it works I’m all for it.

They had switched Loke’s antibiotics though he’s to finish the ones we started him with. Also the vet told us to try and use up some of his energy so he’d potentially rest easier. Long walks or playing. Tentatively, I asked if running with a bike was okay. Both the vet and the tech grinned. “Yes! Definitely! Take him for a nice long run and wear him out!” The arrangement of anatomy in the region won’t be affected or pulled by walking or running so I was to go for it!

That’s what I did after we’d picked up Loke’s new antibiotics from the apothecary. A storm had blown through but thankfully stopped so out the door we went. Loke bounced and did his ‘Let’s GO’ husky yodel with more enthusiasm than I’ve seen from him in months. Maybe it’s a good indication how much the glands had been affecting him. He wanted to go off like a shot, but I kept his speed to a moderate lope and he quickly settled in.

After that, he was a machine, ticking along at 8 to 8.8 mph and holding him to around 10-11 mph on the downhills. He was so happy to run. I kept watching him as I went along the various optional turns of the River Loop to decide how far it was going to be. 3 miles? 4? Or perhaps 7? Maybe even 9+ if I added the Field Loop extension?

Turned out to be 7.09 miles though he could have easily done the 2 additional miles of the Field Loop. It was getting late and I was ravenous. The first appetite I’ve had since the ordeal began.

It was a good run and even stretching into a lope didn’t pull his tail too tight between bandage and butt. A guy gave me a smiling nod and thumbs up as he passed on his mountain bike. A few little girls stared after us with eyes big as saucers. There were snails everywhere since the rain had wet the pavement enough for them to come out. And frogs! It was a challenge to dodge tiny, fingernail sized frogs which were moving around after having just recently morphed from tadpoles. Also saw the first slugs of the year. One I swear was almost 10 inches long. The whole way along the river was thick with them.

So! Hopefully we’re on our way to proper recovery! Loke does have another appointment on Monday to check everything. Fingers crossed!


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There’s only one person on the planet I know who has a passion for cycling and animals. If you are who I hope you are, the name Clenin, Stolarik, the Holiday Inn express, and the Atlanta Rhythm Section will all have meaning. Is this the right Terii?

Comment by Jim

Yep! It’s me, Jim! 😀

Comment by Terii

Wow… I’m overwhelmed.

Comment by Jim

By what? That you managed to stumble on my blog out of the millions in the world? 😀

Comment by Terii

Something like that. How are you my Dear Friend?

On Wed, Aug 29, 2012 at 3:12 AM, Teriis Cycling Babble wrote:

> ** > Terii commented: “By what? That you managed to stumble on my blog out > of the millions in the world? :D” >

Comment by Jim Greenia

I’m doing well. Slowly getting healthier. Slowly getting my dog healthier. Enjoying the sudden autumnal temps and enjoying life in Sweden.

Comment by Terii

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