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Hopefully, That’s The End of THAT!
August 13, 2012, 2:55 pm
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Loke went under the scalpel today.

Our return to Niclas the vet on August 8th found the glands again impacted. Niclas was quite concerned and frustrated, but checked Loke’s lungs (sounded fine) and then knocked him out for treatment. As planned, he urged me to accept a reference to a vet who had the facilities for surgery ASAP. He wanted to forego antibiotics this time rather than hitting Loke with a double dose from the flushing followed by the ones necessary after the operation.

Today was the soonest the place could fit Loke in.

So, this morning, Jens’ father came to take Loke and I to the clinic which is about half a mile from Danmark Church. I wanted to talk to the vet before the procedure. It turns out I knew him. I couldn’t place him, but he was more than happy to take the time to talk with me even though his waiting room was overflowing. The vet nurse with us asked if Loke was going remain docile when I left. I laughed and said, I wasn’t sure since he’d always been unconscious when taken away for treatment.

The vet added Loke would be fine. He had treated the Husky before and he was a very gentle animal. That was when it clicked. He used to work out of Niclas’ clinic and had treated Loke for scratched eyes a couple times. We had a bit of a laugh as I admitted I’d had trouble placing where I’d seen him.

After having the risks outlined and the vet’s success rates with the procedure he’s done 50 or more of, I felt a little better and got up to leave. Loke lunged for the door and even scratched at it. I gave him a hug and kissed him between the eyes before opening the door. Loke went to go through and found himself stopped short. The look of confusion and then growing comprehension on his furry face was heartbreaking when he saw the vet holding the leash. It was so hard to leave.

About 20 min ago, I got the call that Loke was out of surgery and in recovery. We could pick him up in an hour or so. I asked how the procedure went and the vet nurse cheerfully assured me it went ‘really well’. He was going to be uncomfortable even under a haze of meds, but everything went smoothly. I’m so relieved I’m actually nauseous. Hopefully the furball will be back to his usual antics and free of problems for a while.

One can hope and Loke is due a break….


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I hope all will be well. I loved the recent picture of him standing in the water with his boots on. I showed it my dog but he is a Spaniel and thinks that just standing in water is pointless. He always goes for full immersion :0)

Comment by dexey

Thanks for the well-wishes!

I think Loke would love swimming except for the fact he does about as well as a brick. A lot of splashing with no forward motion is all I’ve seen the few times he’s ended up over his head. 😛

Comment by Terii

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